Weekly Recap: A Busy Schedule doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy!

Happy Thursday! My weekly recap is coming in a day later because let me tell you…life. is. crazy. right now. I am staying incredibly busy (isn’t everyone?) and by the time I get home in the evenings and can take a breath that last thing I want to do is open my laptop and blog. In a perfect world, I would be done with school and only blogging and working. 🙂 But alas, I am still in school (only 3/4 of the year to go!) and school work and internship work take first priority right now.

Lettuce back up this recap to last week! I hope this blog post inspires you to fuel your body with the best foods possible. You should never have to sacrifice your health just because you have a busy schedule!

Last Thursday this green smoothie bowl came to the rescue for a quick and filling lunch! Have you all have Barbara’s peanut butter puffins cereal?Listen, I try not to eat cereal very often but this stuff is insane. It only has 6g of sugar a serving (incredibly low for a cereal!) and just tastes amazing. Mom’s, this would be a great cereal for your kids! They have cinnamon and original too.


I spent the rest of the day scrambling between my two jobs, school, and internship work. I was more than ready to go to sleep that night!

Friday morning I made a large breakfast smoothie! I have all the details in a step-by-step format for my favorite green smoothie on myInstagram highlights.


I went to work at my first job in the morning. My mom and I headed to lunch together around noon. We went to Roam Sandwich Companyand split a chicken pesto parmesan Panini and an avocado chicken BLT panini….HOLY CRAP THEY WERE SO GOOD.


I worked until 4 at my other job and then rode my bike home. I took Owen on a quick walk around the neighborhood before settling down to make dinner. I ate dinner at 5 on a Friday night…guy’s…I am really living my best life. hahahah Sometimes I laugh at myself because I am the TOTAL opposite of a typical college student. I prefer eating vegetables for dinner at 5 p.m. on a Friday night with a book or an episode of New Girl rather than going out to parties.

My plate: Apples, veggie burger, roasted sweet potatoes / brussels sprouts, beet/carrot/pickle/sauerkraut salad.


I spent Friday night at my parent’s house watching episode of Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime and falling asleep while reading a new book.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early (thanks to Owen!) and I got the coffee going for my family. I had half a bagel for breakfast topped with PB and a FROZEN banana…best decision ever since the banana melts as you are eating it and tastes like ice cream. Pure happiness I tell ya.


I had to babysit most of the morning and then I went to work after that. Around 2 I finally settled down to devote myself to several hours of internship work. Around 5 I needed a break and took Owen on a walk around the neighborhood. It was a HOT one. Luckily my parents drove by and brought me a hat to keep the sun off my face.

Since my parent’s were gone I decided my sister and I needed a sister night! I made us cauliflower pizza, brussels sprouts, and I dove into my favorite almond flour crackers! I don’t like alcohol very much these days so I sipped on sparkling water as my drink of choice.



We finished binge-watching Jack Ryan around 11 that night and I finally headed upstairs to go to sleep.

I was up bright and early again on Sunday to get ready for my Sunday school class.

After church I made some coffee and talked with my sister for a little while about some life advice. You can read more about our topic of conversation on this post:Click Here. 🙂

A few hours later I got hungry so I heated up some leftovers my parent’s had in the fridge. This was a Whole 30 Cauliflower fried rice and it was amazing!


Followed by homework and snuggles with this little guy….


The rest of Sunday was spent eating a big bowl of chickpea pasta with the best meat/spinach/cauliflower rice marinara.

Monday I woke up at 5:30 to run to the stadiums with Owen. It was raining the whole time but I knew I wanted a good workout! I sprinted the stadiums down and back while Owen barked the whole time. *insert eye roll* Of course, his bark echoed throughout the stadium so it just made it even louder.


After giving Owen a stern talking-to about why we don’t need to bark all the time, we ran back home so I could take a hot shower and fuel myself back up with this big bowl of oatmeal. I added in a lot of healthy fats to keep my full until lunch.


After working at my first job, I raced back home to make a green smoothie for lunch before biking to my next job.


I got off work at 3 and then biked home to get ready for my babysitting job. By the time I got home on Monday night I just wanted to curl up on my bed with my book and fall asleep…and that’s exactly what I did!

I honestly cannot remember what I did Tuesday besides go to work and school so let’s move on to Wednesday… lol

I started the morning with a run/walk around my neighborhood then did some deep stretches while Owen tried to distract me.


Followed by a big bowl of oatmeal! I’ve noticed that adding more healthy fats like coconut butter and almond butter keep me full longer and don’t leave my blood sugar dropping by 10:30. This bowl of oatmeal kept me full until 12:30!


After work I biked home to make a smoothie bowl while finishing a project for a class I had at 2.


After getting out of class at 5, I biked home to pack a bag to stay at my parent’s for the night while they were out of town so I could watch our family dog, Annie.

My sister joined me so I made us vegetable scrambles with bacon for dinner.


After watching several episode of reality TV, I ended the night with Cherry Amaretto ice cream while reading my book.

I hope you all have had a wonderful week! ❤