Weekly Recap: Creating new recipes, a new job, & new intentions!

Running a bit behind on this recap and this is how I am feeling…


TIRED. The 3-day weekend did not leave me feeling rested. Instead, I just feel behind.

Okay, enough of the negativity. Let’s go back to last Thursday OK? ok.

Last Thursday I woke up TIRED (okay, I have been tired since last Thursday…) because I woke up at 3 a.m. to Owen barking up a storm. I noticed lights flashing in and out of my window and assumed it was thunder…but then I didn’t hear any rain. All of the sudden I heard men’s voices and then the static of a walkie-talkie. I looked on my phone at the camera’s set up around the house and noticed the flashlights flashing all over the backyard. I also noticed a man running down the street on the front camera…yeah, I didn’t get much sleep after that. I don’t remember not hearing the voices anymore but I did file a police report just in case.

I was really hoping a thick green smoothie would wake me up a little bit!

I spent most of the morning at work and then had class until 5. I took Owen on a long walk and came home to make pesto chickpea pasta with arugula and a veggie burger.


I also worked on a healthy cookie dough recipe for the blog! Also, how cute is Owen and his toy?

The next morning I took Owen on a long dog walk and made myself some oatmeal. There really is nothing quite like a big bowl of oats.


I also had a job interview that morning. You are looking at the newest Student Wellness Program Coordinator on my campus! Along with my internship, the kind of work I will be doing for this job is exactly what I want to be doing when I graduate.


After my interview and working for a few hours, I came home to enjoy some leftovers and read my book before I had to walk to class.


After class and working at the club fair on campus, I raced home to make a smoothie bowl for dinner before an event I was attending that night. I went to an event called the Power of Your Plate where my friend and Registered Dietitian Jennifer Turner discussed the power of fruits and vegetables.


After reading more of my book that night, I promptly fell asleep around 10!

I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready for the 3-day weekend. Of course, I had a green smoothie to kick-start the day.


After working for a few hours in the morning, my mom and I went to Griff’s Deli for lunch. I had the Griff’s special salad and it is by far my favorite salad EVER.


I worked for a few more hours after lunch, came home to take Owen on a long dog walk, and then curled up on the couch with a bog bowl of vegetables and my book. A cozy Friday night in was just what I needed!


I went to bed early and woke up around 6 to take Owen over to the stadiums. We ran over from my house and I did the stadiums down and back followed by a mix of push-ups and sit-ups between each stair set.


This little guy cheered me on the whole time (AKA: barked non-stop for fear I was not going to return to him! haha)

We walked back home (and boy were my legs jello!!!) and I whipped up a big bowl of blueberry muffin oatmeal.


I spent the rest of the morning deep cleaning my room and different parts of the house. By 11:30 I was more than ready for a refreshing green smoothie to enjoy for lunch. I showered and snuggled up with my book for a few hours.

I can’t wait for my rug to come in! Then my room will look more complete. ❤


Also, how adorable is this drawing of Owen I received? Message me if you want details on the girl who made this! She is so talented and can create beautiful prints of your animals!


After grocery shopping, cleaning some more, and watching New Girl, I snuggled up in my chair to eat a dinner of eggs, vegetables, and apples.


Sunday morning I was up bright and early and spent most of the morning reading until it was time to go to Church. Once Church got out, I raced back to my parents to whip up a green smoothie bowl for brunch. I also worked on my September intentions. ❤


Owen and I snuggled up on the couch after that and watched movies with my sister.


A few hours later, I was feeling inspired and decided to head into the kitchen to whip up some gluten-free donuts. I am also perfecting this recipe and can’t wait to share it with you all!



For dinner that night my mom made hamburgers and I made sweet potato fries. I love throwing a hamburger on a bed of lettuce and making it a salad. We spent the rest of the evening watching James Bond and hanging out as a family.


Monday morning I woke up (so glad that is was Labor Day!) and made some coffee. I was also so excited because my mom shipped in bagels from New York and OHMYGOODNESS they were incredible. I had an everything bagel with homemade hummus, eggs, turkey bacon, spinach, and tomato. These bagels were so doughy and filling I could only eat half!

After laying around the house, reading, and watching the Kardashians with Danica, I made banana nicecream for lunch. (2 frozen banana, cacao powder, peanut butter powder – BLEND!) and topped it with my homemade donut and granola.


After doing some afternoon babysitting, I came home around 7 to make a quick dinner: roasted vegetables and a veggie burger topped with mustard and sauerkraut.


I also worked on ANOTHER recipe for you all and put the leftover batter on top of some sautéed apples. Perfection!!! ❤


That’s all I got this week! I am staying super busy with everything going on in my life, but never fear- I will have 3 new dessert recipes to share with you all soon. ❤