Weekly Recap: So. Many. Vegetables!

Happy Wednesday! Here’s a picture of me looking back on the week wondering where it went…?


Lettuce go back to where we left off! I am incredibly tired right now and it’s 8:38 p.m. I have always been a 78-year-old woman at heart. Hopefully I can stay awake to finish typing up this recap. Last Wednesday was my brother’s birthday so we all celebrated at my parent’s house that night. The birthday boy requested steak and potatoes! I added a side salad so there was little green on my plate.



He also requested brownies and cookie dough ice cream! I had a few bites of everything. Sugary-sweet things are really not appetizing to me anymore. They make my stomach hurt. It was so nice getting to celebrate my brother Noah though! I can’t believe he is 20 – it almost makes me cry to think about it. Seriously. I feel like we should still be kids playing in the yard while I push him on the ground and call him a weenie. I was a really nice big sister….


Thursday morning I woke up super sleepy and all I wanted was a big bowl of oatmeal. Golden Mylk oatmeal, that is. You can find the recipe on a previous weekly recap or on my Instagram feed.


I spent all morning at work and headed home at lunch time to whip up a green smoothie.


I finished up the rest of the afternoon at work and then went home to whip a matcha latte before heading to Glasgow for a work night at my sweetest friend/mentor Holly’s house.


She made an EPIC sweet potato bar! I had 1/2 with peanut butter and granola and 1/2 with chicken and veggies. SO GOOOOD! I also ate a gluten-free brownie with peanut butter. Such a fun night with the sweetest ladies! I swear after a rough start to 2018 and feeling pretty lost about myself – God has surrounded me with the most uplifting people. I never had a doubt in my mind that He wouldn’t provide for me but all the incredible friends, support, and love I have been surrounded with these past few months is mind-blowing.


Friday morning I woke up, headed out for a HORRIFIC run but then downed the BEST smoothie. This one tasted like a chocolate peanut butter cup! Why does adding peanut butter to things instantly make them 1000x better?


Also…if you wanted to know more about the whole food supplements I have been taking, just take a look at all those fruits and vegetables that go into each capsule!! Over 40!!!


After working all day I booked it home to get ready for a yoga class my cutest friend Amanda was teaching in Franklin.  I wore my FAVORITE Fitness Collective leggings. These are seriously the softest leggings ever and the texture makes them super flattering.  I couldn’t  find the exact ones on their site but I am linking it anyways because all of their stuff is so cute. CLICK HERE


After the yoga class I went out to dinner with Mandy, her husband, her adorable son Kona, and her husband’s friend. Then we all had a bonfire at Mandy’s house and I had so much fun! I love bonfires and just sitting around talking and laughing.

I got home around 1:30 a.m. and woke up at 6 thanks to Owen. Luckily after I fed him and let him out to go to the bathroom he let me sleep until 8. Sleeping in never happens for me but instead of stressing about it, I just soaked it in for all of its wonderfulness. I woke up slowly, made beautiful GF Matcha Green Tea pancakes, and read for a while. I will post the recipe for these babies next week!



I picked up my sister at her dorm so we could do some errands and then we both headed to my parents house for lunch. I ate a veggie burger, carrots and hummus, pretzel things, and eggs.


We hung out at my parents house all evening and made tacos for dinner! Shrimp tacos and homemade guacamole for the win.

I had to be up at 4:30 the next morning to get to a babysitting gig by 5 a.m. I was incredibly tired and although you aren’t supposed to drink coffee or eat before church on Sunday…I felt as if eating was necessary to stake awake! haha

I whipped up peaches and chocolate hazelnut oatmeal! The recipe is on my Instagram feed. 


After church I headed back to my parents house to pick up Owen so we could go to the grocery store and head back to my house. Sunday was also National Dog Day! I don’t know what I would do without my little fur baby of happiness and joy!

I went on a long walk Sunday evening, ate an easy dinner of vegetables, made a PB Oatmeal Cookie recipe and headed to bed early.


I woke up Monday morning bright and early, did a Pilates workout, and whipped up a green smoothie for breakfast.


I also wrote a post about my current favorite skin care products! You can read it here: CLICK HERE.


I worked most of the day and headed to my nanny gig around 3 and took little Irene to her swimming lessons before we headed home for dinner. Her parents left us vegetables and chicken burgers. It was AMAZING. Her parents are from Greece so they know how to cook.


Tuesday morning I posted my Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie recipe! It is vegan, gluten free, and low sugar! CLICK HERE for the recipe.


I also had Matcha Green Tea oatmeal for breakfast! You can find the recipe on my Instagram. 🙂


I went to work for most of the morning and then headed home for lunch before my first class. I had a loaded avocado salad (recipe on Instagram!) with apples and the Simple Mills Smokey BBQ Cheddar crackers – these things are ridiculously addictive.


After class I met up with my sister so could go to the grocery store, eat dinner together, and just hang out. I cooked us Honey Mushroom Quinoa with Brussels Sprouts and lemon garlicy sweet potatoes. Everything was inspired by my favorite plant-based blogger Deliciously Ella.


After dropping Danica off at her dorm I got to work cooking for the family I make meals for and headed to bed around 10! I need to find a new novel to read so send any recommendations my way.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. ❤