weekly recap: kitchari & a summer class

The weeks of summer are flying by and I can’t complain because I am so over this heat. Any temperature above 75 degrees is the type of weather I do not want to be in. Now, Fall…I wish Fall would stick around forever. I am already looking forward to crisp mornings, apple handpies at Jackson’s Orchard, and everything pumpkin related.

But until then, I will try my hardest to be present and appreciate all the hot summer days  ahead. Last Wednesday I left off with my July 4th morning so here is what everyday has looked like since!

My family had to work the concession stands at a baseball game July 4th evening so we ate a lunch/dinner around 2:30. We enjoyed grass-fed hamburgers, fresh watermelon, and my tomato basil cucumber salad.  I spent the rest of the evening cuddled up with a book and a bowl of popcorn. A low-key Fourth of July with ZERO fireworks is my kind of night.


Thursday morning began at Coffee and Eggs with my sweetest friend Shelby. We caught up on life and I enjoyed their delicious dark roast coffee and the veggie plate (plus bacon!) I loved the dark roast so much I even picked up a bag to bring to my friend for our date on Friday since he loves coffee almost as much as I do.


I spent most of Thursday at work and then I headed to the gym for a quick workout around 4. When I got home I showered off, brewed some coffee, and made some energy balls for a snack. They tasted like PB cookie dough so half the batter immediately went into my mouth.

After letting the cookie dough (I mean energy bites…) digest I got to work on cooking up a big dinner for my family. Unfortunately I didn’t know they would be home late so more for me! I thawed some left over Panera baguette and whipped up BBQ chicken, roasted broccoli, and a brussels sprouts salad. DELICIOUS.


Friday morning began with a workout followed by a few hours at work. I raced home to make a smoothie for lunch before picking up my sister to bring her to the dentist. After I finished my smoothie in the lobby (people were giving me the funniest looks for some reason haha!) I started reading a book I brought. 2 hours later I was jolted awake and realized I had dozed off! After wiping the drool from my mouth (and ignoring more funny looks from strangers) my sister and I headed out. Who knows what I said or did in the two hours I napped in the dentist lobby…so embarrassing.


Friday night was incredibly fun! After dropping my sister off, showering, and dressing up a little, I headed to Kroger to pick up dinner supplies. My friend was teaching me how to cook steak! We also made sweet potato latkes, a tomato cucumber salad, and a Jewish carrot salad. We ate good Friday night! I also convinced him at 10:30 that there was no better way to end the night then with a Cookout Oreo & Reece’s milkshake. 🙂

Saturday morning I was up bright and early for my LAST Farmer’s Market! After working the market until 1 I headed to Pub by Novo to meet my mom and sister for lunch. I got the half house salad with salmon.


I headed home after lunch to hang out with Owen, read on the back porch, and enjoy an iced coffee with a PB energy cookie ball.


When my mom and sister got home I sipped on this Rose Ale. So incredibly tasty and went straight to my head. I am such a light weight when it comes to alcohol since I don’t drink very often.


I had an early dinner at 5 (thanks to the alcohol I was starving for some reason…or maybe dehydrated?) I had a little leftover chicken, a leftover burger, and leftover vegetables all smothered in BBQ sauce. Ah, what I would do to eat this meal again!


I spent Saturday cuddled up with my sweet Owen and watched Cable Girls on Netflix with my mom and sister.

Sunday morning I woke up, threw on my comfiest dress, and booked it to church.

After church I met my mom at SAM’s club to keep her company… and this is what happened.

“Is God trying to tell me something?” -My mom



After SAM’s club I put together a yogurt bowl with a white peach that was INSANELY juicy and sweet.


For dinner that night my mom made pork chops with peach salsa, roasted broccoli, and mashed potatoes. I spent the rest of Sunday night glued to my laptop to work on assignments for my Human Sexuality summer course. This is by far the most interesting course I have ever taken in college.


Monday started off with a workout followed by watering my friend’s plants while he is out-of-town and then booking it home to get ready for work. I threw things in a bag and called it “lunch”.

This is my idea of fast food: salmon + avocado! Easy, simple, filling. I also munched on carrots and hummus.


On Monday night I made a BIG batch of Kitchari to enjoy all week. I followed this recipe (click HERE) and added the spices according to my Dosha. Do you know your Dosha? I am a Kapha Pitta! This was so tasty and filling! Even little Murray wanted some…sorry Murray but I am bad at sharing.



I eneded the night with Chamomile and Dandelion tea and more homework for my summer class.


I woke up Tuesday morning ready for coffee! I had a few more assignments to complete before I headed into work. I ate 2 farm fresh eggs + some granola. I have been using this recipe (click HERE) for the granola and I am OBSESSED with it. It’s sugar, salt, and oil free!

P.S. check out those beautiful sunflowers my friend gave me. I love being spoiled with my favorite flower 🙂


After working for a few hours and eating a more kitchari for lunch, I headed out to run some errands with my mom. She treated me to an iced almond milk latte from Spencer’s and an Italian Macaroon from Little Fox Bakery. Perfection!


We picked up Owen to take over to my house for a long walk and to meet my roommates dogs! and look…CONE FREE! So happy this little guy is fully recovered and back to his energetic self. Just look at that face!


I ran Owen back over to my parent’s house (he can’t officially move in with me until August!) and then headed back to my place to get started on more homework. For dinner I heated up more kitchari with a kale burger and a hard-boiled egg. I ended up going to bed late working on more homework!


I hope you have a wonderful week!! ❤