weekly recap: staying busy, busy, busy.

Hi!! So fair warning, this post includes not the prettiest pictures in the world… but hey, just got with it. I haven’t had my camera around because I have been go, go, go non-stop and have barely had a chance to come up for air. I can’t complain too much though because I genuinely like everything I am doing.

So Wednesday night’s dinner included the prettiest vegetables…


Thursday I had to be up super early for work so for breakfast my mom brought me a whole wheat bagel and a large coffee from Panera.


The rest of Thursday was spent going to the park with the little girl I nanny and cooking them dinner. Once I finally made it home I enjoyed a delicious steak and potato dinner with my family.


Friday morning began with a long walk with my favorite little pup.


Followed by my favorite breakfast lately. Spirulina smoothies! This one had: 1 frozen banana, 1 frozen zucchini, spinach, 1 T each cacao powder and almond butter, and 3 tsp spirulina, and enough cashew milk to blend.


Lunch featured a new vegan pad thai I am trying to perfect! It’s tasty I just feel like it’s missing something. I eat it raw since it’s nice and cold to enjoy in this heat.


Friday night dinner was a grass-fed burger, juicy watermelon, and homemade sweet potato fries!


Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to head to the Farmer’s Market. I whipped up a quick smoothie to take with me too.

Around 10:30 I started getting hungry so I bought a mini lunch box from a little girl who sells these at the market. For reference these are the size of my hand (and I have small hands!) They are adorable!


Around 2:30 I started getting hungry again so I made a lunch/snack plate. This plate included: pretzel thins, sweet potato/beet chips, carrots, cucumber, and turkey slices.


A little while later I enjoy a matcha latte on the couch. Any time I get to relax lately I take it!


Since I had the house to myself that night, I whipped up eggs+leftovers. Into the skillet went: 1/4 of a hamburger, a few sweet potato fries, mushrooms, and one egg. I also had a GF bagel thin with a little ghee.


I ended the night with Netflix and popcorn with M&M’s. My favorite late night treat!

Sunday I was up and ready to go to church! I slipped on my new favorite dress and took 5 minutes to put on a little makeup. Does anyone else feel their absolute best with less makeup on?


After church I sipped several cups of coffee and enjoy a smoothie bowl on the back porch with my little man. He thinks he’s getting some but I am not very good at sharing. 🙂


I also headed to Target to pick up a few things for a giveaway coming soon with my sweetest friend Sarah!


Sunday night dinner: HOMEMADE poppy seed/sesame seed bread, rice, green beans/roast, plus a whole ton of watermelon.


The night ended with a few bites of mint chip ice cream and cappuccino ice cream. It was very sweet and I couldn’t finish the whole thing. Listen to your body!!! It knows what it wants and what it doesn’t want.

Monday morning began with a full body workout at my favorite gym! I can’t for my wireless headphones to come in so I can listen to music while in the weights area.


Love coming home to this guy!!!


Breakfast was…you guessed it! My smoothie. ❤


The rest of Monday was spent working at one job and then heading to the grocery to pick up supplies to cook for the new family I nanny for.

My actual dinner consisted of rice and a chicken & peppers dish!


I was so exhausted Monday night and ready for sleep!

I slept in a little Tuesday morning and I decided to prepare a DIFFERENT breakfast. Haha! Cherry Chia Oatmeal…recipe will be posted on Monday.


Once that oatmeal digest, I did a walk/run on the treadmill followed by push ups. I have been having a personal push up challenge with myself to see how many I can get in a row. The goal is 50! I currently only have 18-20 locked down but then my arms give out.


The rest of Tuesday was spent working away!

I had the house to myself again on Tuesday night so I made some turkey burger, quinoa, and vegetables. It felt so nice to R E L A X. I planned on a dog walk but the storms rolling in I planted myself on the couch to have a Sex and The City Marathon.


This morning I woke up bright and early to take my main man out for a walk. It was SO HUMID. Owen has been full of so much energy lately so I have been trying to tire him out with these walks.

After our walk I made my smoothie and headed off to a day of work.


I’ll see you here tomorrow with my lunch box post!!