Weekly Recap: New laptop, Mother’s Day, & Homemade Pasta!

Good morning! I am FINALLY writing to you from my new laptop. My anxiety went down tremendously when it finally came in. It was supposed to arrive on Wednesday but then I missed the FedEx man so it was postponed until Thursday…then I missed the FedEx man again…so when Friday rolled around I was like “I will wait all day!” And I did. It finally arrived at 2:30 p.m. (when it was supposed to arrive before noon) and I was sooo relieved!

Anyways, let’s take this recap back to last Wednesday! I made a big salad to take to work with me. This salad had spring mix, ground turkey, carrots, sauerkraut, tomatoes, cucumber, and cilantro. I also used Primal Kitchen greek dressing.



I also went through the car wash on Wednesday. Ever since hearing a story about a man who got trapped in his car when a car wash caught fire, I have been traumatized. So far, this blog post makes me sound like the most anxious person in the world.

…it’s partially true.


Wednesday night ended in a dinner I can’t remember and homemade chocolate chip cookies. I mostly just wanted to eat cookie dough – and that I did!


Thursday morning started bright and early with a good workout followed by my beloved coffee. A bug definitely landed in my coffee and I had to fish it out…I still drank it too.

I don’t remember much of what I did Thursday but I am sure it involved going to work and eating vegetables because that is basically everyday. However, Thursday night I ended up hanging out with my friend and going to this hobby store where they play this card game Magic. I wore my “Talk Nerdy To Me” button and I think everyone appreciated it. Haha! It was definitely something I have never seen before. Like people playing Pokemon or something but different. Do you understand why I wore the button?

Friday was spent at home for most of the day waiting for my laptop to arrive. Luckily Hannah came over to keep Owen I company for a few hours.


Friday night ended in cauliflower pizza and a few Rose ales while watching Parks and Rec. I was exhausted from little to no sleep on Thursday night so I went to bed early.

Saturday I woke up at 5:30 to go on a quick dog walk with my mom and Owen and get ready for the Farmer’s Market. I was at the market until 1is and then I helped out my new friend Gavin make kombucha! Gavin and David make and sell their own kombucha in Bowling Green called “Fifth Gallon Kombucha” and you can buy it at the Farmer’s Market and Zest! Juice. Stay tuned for a blog post about them because they are really freakin awesome.

The night ended with bacon burgers from Rian’s Fatted Calf and then I went to hang out with a friend! I didn’t get home until early in the morning so I was more than exhausted on Sunday for church.

But… I pulled myself together for the beautiful woman below. Happy Mother’s Day mom! I was excited to celebrate my mom on Sunday! This lady does so much for our family  and is my inspiration through everything.


I made some Sangria for us all to sip on after Church!


Hi Dad!


My mom requested homemade pasta and meatballs so that is exactly what she got! I used the pasta maker given to me by my sweetest friend Vicky! Thank you Vicky! She and her husband, Fr. Michael,  got this as a wedding gift many years ago and had never used it so gave it to me before they moved. I miss them terribly but I definitely thought about them as I used this!


The pasta came out a little thick but it was only my first time! We also had caesar salad and sourdough garlic bread.


The night ended with macaroons, coffee, and strawberry shortcake!

We love you mom! Thank you for all you do.


Monday morning started bright and early with a 15 mile bike ride around town. I was so happy to be on my bike again. It had been too long and Monday was the perfect weather for a long ride.

Post-bike ride: 1 egg+2 egg whites, 1/2C oatmeal w/ 1 scoop chocolate protein powder and 1 cup cashew milk. I also stirred in a tablespoon of peanut butter.


I came home from work to eat a leftover bacon burger for lunch. So tasty! I turned my hamburger into a hamburger salad and it hit the spot.


After lunch I met Shelby Rae for coffee at Starbucks. What a sweet soul! This was our first time meeting in real life and I am not sure why we waited so long to meet. She is such a wonderful person to talk to! She has a blog too so check her out! Click HERE!

After meeting for coffee I got my nails done. Light pink this time, I felt like I was over the bold and bright colors.


Since Sunday night was filled with all the carbs in the world, my parents and I agreed Monday night should be “light”. We had chicken, zucchini, and a few small potatoes.


Tuesday began with another tough Alexia Clark workout that hurt so good and then I opened my new food board from The Little Ladle Co. This board is soooo beautiful and well done. Check them out on Etsy! I can’t wait to take pictures on it.


Also… this guy. I love him so much I don’t know what life was like before him.


After working all day and meeting Gavin for ice cream I came home a sweaty mess! We ended up sitting outside in the sun for 2 hours talking so all my makeup was gone and I was slightly sunburnt. It was worth it! I sipped on an iced coffee while waiting for my mom to come home.

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 11.56.42 AM.png

When my mom got home we made a last-minute decision to grab margaritas and talk about life. One of the many things moms are wonderful for, life talks. I also ate half of this Ceviche. This is my new favorite dish from a Mexican restaurant. It was a mix of shrimp, tomatoes, jalapeños, cucumber, onion, avocado, and lime juice. It was so refreshing! I can’t wait to eat the rest for lunch today.


I went to bed exhausted and ready for sleep!

*Quick note: Yesterday I had ice cream in the middle afternoon and it was “real deal” ice cream with all the fat and sugar. I was stressing about how I ate a scoop of that and how I was about to go get margaritas with more sugar and eat salty chips with my mom. I was getting so anxious about eating so many “unhealthy foods”. I took a few deep breaths and asked myself “how often do I get to meet cool people who buy me ice cream or get margaritas with my mom?” The answer is not that often! I decided to just ENJOY all the unhealthy things yesterday because enjoying these things in moderation is HEALTHY.

Rant over*

This morning started with an upper body workout followed by the same breakfast as the day before, eggs and oatmeal!

Now I am munching on vegetables, a fresh strawberry juice, and the BOMB.COM vegan artichoke dip.


I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week! And please eat something unhealthy for me!! But also eat something healthy because, duh, you should!

Bye ❤