weekly recap: real talk about my eating disorder & family night in Nashville!

We survived another week! If you’re a college student, only a few more weeks left until summer break (or graduation for the lucky ones!)! I am so excited for a little break. I have a few summer classes but at least I don’t actually have to drive to campus. Driving and parking on a college campus is literally the worst. Ok…I realize there are a lot more things that are worse than that in the world.

But anyways, lettuce take this recap back to last Wednesday where we left off! I hope this post inspires your to get in the kitchen and whip up some easy, healthy food this week!

I came home from work and immediately snuggled with this little dude. The weather could not have been more perfect so we sat outside on the porch for a while.


A few hours I made a quick salad with quinoa, spinach, GF chicken nuggets, and chips. Not so pretty but I was in a rush and eating chicken nuggets like a 5-year-old sounded like a good idea!


Thursday morning started bright and early with some cardio at the gym. Followed by liquid gold of course.


Also…I ate a Chick Fil A biscuit… I haven’t eaten one of these in 6 years when I first developed my eating disorder. It is AMAZING how our minds can control how we feel about food and our bodies. I have been able to eat so many different things since my recovery but fast food was still off-limits in my mind. Now, I won’t be rushing to McDonald’s EVER but I think enjoying a chicken biscuit every now and then sounds pretty good.


After class on Thursday I headed to my friend Hannah’s house so she could do my makeup for my FB live on Essential Oils. She is always does SUCH a good job. I cannot do my makeup very well AT ALL so it always nice when someone does it for me.


Pork and vegetables for dinner!!!


The next morning I took Owen on a long dog walk and made myself a nice, big breakfast. Egg bake with extra veggies and a GF everything bagel thin. I worked most of the day Friday so nothing too exciting to recap!


Saturday morning I was up bright and early to get ready for the Farmer’s Market. After the market I came home to make lunch and veg out on the couch before a night out with my family.



My mom and dad took my brother, sister, and I to Sea Salt in Nashville and then a comedy show at TPAC. It was soooo nice getting to be together as a family. We haven’t all been together for a family event in a longggg time. It was fun getting all dressed up too! Getting dressed up for me means wearing shoes other than my All Birds and wearing something besides jeans. Haha! Although, I did wear a jean jacket but that doesn’t count.


We got home around midnight and I immediately went to sleep. I had to be up bright and early the next morning for Sunday school if you couldn’t tell by my eye bags… I also didn’t feel like wearing makeup to give my skin some fresh air after wearing so much makeup Thursday and Friday. Not wearing makeup is THE BEST feeling to me. Like, my skin can breathe.


Sunday night dinner was instant pot BBQ chicken, rice, and roasted broccoli. Not pictured: all the sourdough bread I inhaled. I have no shame.


Monday morning began bright and early with an Alexia Clark workout. Have you done her workouts before? They are SO INTENSE. I am still sore two days later! After my workout I downed a mint chip protein smoothie.


After heading to work for a little bit, I went to get my nails done. I am all about the bright nail colors these days! I think it’s fun!


For dinner on Monday night I made some lemongrass & ginger turkey burgers with roasted brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes. This meal was from Blue Apron and my family and I LOVED it.


I woke up at 4:30 the next morning to get ready for my internship. I enjoyed a Perfect Bar alongside my coffee on the way to the work site.


After leaving the work site, I headed to campus for some meetings and then booked it home to eat some lunch.  I ran some errands and got home just in time to get ready for that evening.

I had the chance to speak at an eating disorder event and I had every intention of reading my blog post about my eating disorder (found HERE) but I decided 10 minutes before my speech that my blog post was not “me” anymore. I am such a different person than the girl who wrote that up 2 years ago. I am so much different from who I was when I developed my eating disorder 6 years ago. Hell, I am so much different than who I was LAST MONTH. I am so much more confident (although, I still have my days because I’m female) in my own skin and I am so much more confident around food. Plus, without my eating disorder I never would have started a blog or gotten to be apart of all the amazing opportunities this blog has gotten me. So anyways, when I finally got to speak I had nothing to say (like I literally forgot what my name was). It was kind of embarrassing but then again, I didn’t know what to say because it was hard for me to channel those eating disorder feelings because I feel so good about who I am now.

BUT, regardless, I was so honored to even be asked to speak! I do feel terrible that I kind of froze when the mic was handed to me though.

Rant over!


Wednesday (today) I woke up early to do another Alexia Clark workout with my mom at the gym. After our workout I took the time to prepare a big breakfast for myself. The vegetables and turkey/cauliflower rice mixture were all leftovers so I just added an egg and some fruit and called it breakfast!


Also, I am SO THANKFUL the sun is shining today. I love the rainy, grey (gray?) days, but I am so ready for sunshine!


I hope you have the best week ever! I’ll be posting a healthy trail mix later tomorrow or Friday so watch out for that. 🙂