weekly recap: new hair, dog walks, & time alone.

Hi there and Happy Wednesday! I hope you are ready for another weekly recap because I feel like this one is longgggg. I love reading other bloggers weekly recaps and peeking inside their lives (creepy?) so I really like writing about my week and reliving what I did and ate.


After getting off work on Wednesday, I came home to an empty house (except for the dogs) and whipped up a quick salad to eat while I did my homework. Over some romaine I added leftovers from our chicken gyros on Tuesday night: chicken, potatoes, tzatziki sauce, plus some avocado.  I ended the night early, no surprise there!


Banana protein pancakes for breakfast on Thursday morning!


Later that morning I went to get my hair done. I went with a darker color than my normal hair and I LOVE it. Little changes like these in my life are really making me happy lately. Plus, I think it’s important to take some time to care for yourself. I never used to take the time to get my hair done (besides a trim every 6 months) or get my nails done and now I look forward to those few hours every few weeks. I even wear these “diva” glasses now because why the hell not? I feel like I am experiencing a whole new version of myself these days.

I also had a presentation at school that afternoon so I had Pam add a few curls in!


My parents were out-of-town all week and Danica was at work a lot so I was home alone A LOT. Going along with the self-care thing, I think it is so important to spend time by yourself. I have been doing a lot of that lately. I’ve been going place alone, watching TV alone, eating alone, etc. I actually really like it. It’s so weird going from doing everything with someone in a relationship to learning to do things by yourself. Last week, going home to an empty house every evening really put that into perspective for me.

Does that even make any sense? Ok. Rant over.

I decided to clean out the pantry and my spoiled child even got an empty PB jar to enjoy…


Later that evening I turned on The Mindy Project (one of my favorites!) and decided I was NOT in the cooking mood. I heated up leftover sweet potatoes and broccoli while a black bean burger cooked in a pan on the stove. So quick and filling!


I woke up super early Friday morning to take a test and head into work early. I think I wolfed down a granola bar for breakfast but I can’t remember. I did, however, whip up a super filling lunch later that day to make up for my sad breakfast. Veggie scramble, carrots & hummus, pretzels and almond flour crackers because #carbs.


After watching several episodes of The Mindy Project to let my food digest, I ran on the treadmill. After running on the treadmill I edited the pictures for my Lemon Bar Bites!

Click HERE for the recipe. These are sooooo good! I like to keep them in the freezer and eat a few when the craving strikes.


I had to babysit the rest of Friday and didn’t get home until 10:30. I snuggled up with some ice cream + granola and fell asleep watching The Mindy Project. (crazy Friday night I know, I know)

Saturday morning I woke up at 5 to take Owen on a quick walk and guzzle coffee before heading to the Farmer’s Market all day.

When I was leaving the Farmer’s Market for the day I got a call from my brother saying he had a surprise for me at home.

You guys…my brother lives on his own so he isn’t home much so the fact that he went out of his way to pick up my FAVORITE salad from Panera and bring over Star Wars movies for us to watch meant EVERYTHING. I don’t know how I lucked out so well on the sibling department. Thank you Noah! Love you!


At some point in the afternoon I went outside to find Owen like this…. I couldn’t even be mad at him because he was just being a dog! Plus, he’s so cute!!


And just to brag on Noah again…he offered to give Owen a bath! I was like, am I missing something?? Hahaha

Later that night I heated up some ground turkey, quinoa, and topped it with salsa and guacamole. I ended up watching several more episodes of The Mindy Project because I just love it so much. I seriously have never laughed more at a show (except for The Office and Parks & Rec!!)


My parents FINALLY came home. This was me trying to calm Owen down because he was jacked up!!


Sunday morning began bright and early per usual so I could teach Sunday school. After Church my mom and I ran a few errands, picked up coffee + breakfast at Starbucks, and went to the grocery store. I love getting to spend time with my mom. ❤

We decided on hamburgers for dinner because we have missed them so much! This was my first hamburger after Lent and it did not disappoint.


Monday morning started out with a long bike ride at the gym followed by a filling breakfast. I am kicking myself for never trying eggs and ground turkey together before. It was delicious!


Also…it was snowing…in April. *sigh*


I spent most of the day at work then met my dear friend Dane for coffee!

I went back to work before heading home for an early dinner. 2 small hamburgers with guacamole, pickles, lettuce and tomato. I had a “Salad-in-a-Jar” party to attend that night so I knew I needed to eat an early dinner.


When I got home I snatched up Owen and took him on a walk at the park with Dane.

I came home and snuggled into bed with ice cream and Riverdale. I actually really like this show! Have you seen it?


Tuesday began bright and early with a dog walk while listening to some podcasts. Look at that morning sun! God is so good.


I went to work in the morning then spent the rest of the day at school. Coffee and chocolate powered me through my night class!


When I got home my mom and I cooked up some lemon, butter salmon with roasted broccoli and rice. SO GOOD!


I also got to enjoy some time talking to my parents on the porch while enjoying a big glass of Blueberry Kombucha from a local place in town called Fifth Gallon Kombucha. Their kombucha is by far my favorite and is reasonably priced.


I didn’t feel like going to the gym this morning so I took Owen for a long dog walk instead. The weather was insanely gorgeous.

How cute is this guy? I love him so much my heart hurts.


I LOVE where I live….


I came home and cooked up some eggs, turkey, & vegetables alongside a GF bagel thin.

Yes…that’s ketchup. I never said I was perfect.


Now I am off to finish the long list of things on my to-do list! Only a few more weeks of school and then it’s summer classes galore.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today ❤