weekly recap: so much food and beautiful weather!

I think Owen is the definition of “Mondays” in this photo…


Haha! I love that kid. Hi! How are you? Did you have a good weekend? If you are in Kentucky, how great is this weather? We finally have a break from the cold and the rain and the sun is shining bright this morning. Yesterday was also gorgeous! I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can go on more walks with Owen and bike rides. I miss riding my bike when it’s cold out.

Since this is my weekly recap, let’s back it up to last Tuesday night because that is where my pictures left off from the last recap…

I had class Tuesday night and I had been feeling a bit under the weather so I put Thieves in my water all day. I actually crave the taste of this stuff in my water now. It’s actually really refreshing to me.


Class got out early so I went home and sauted squash and kale in olive oil and garlic. Then I added leftover meat sauce on top and sprinkled it with parmesan cheese. I also had a lime sparkling water with a slice of grapefruit.


Wednesday morning was VALENTINE’S DAY! I made these pancakes to celebrate. You can find the recipe HERE!


My Valentine’s day was pretty low-key. I spent most of the day working. My sweet mom brought me some cookie dough from the new RAW cookie dough place in town. It was insanely sweet so I could only eat a few bites. Danica and I had to babysit that night for a few kids whose parents had dates. When we got home my parents had left us each some Valentine’s Day presents. ❤ I have the best parents!


I also had coffee and a fruit parfait before babysitting! I love this Oikos ZERO greek yogurt. I know a lot of people say eating dairy isn’t “healthy” but I LOVE this yogurt and I am choosing to eat what I love these days.


Thursday morning started out with some quiet time and a bowl of Cheerios with 1 egg + 1 egg white. I spent most of the day working, going to class, and studying. It was NOT very eventful. I also met up with my mom later in the evening for a walk at the park since the weather was so nice.


I was SO excited for Friday because Barrett was coming into town! I started off the morning with breakfast, a quick walk on the treadmill, a doctors appt, and some errands before he got into town.

I picked up this cute shadow box from Hobby Lobby with some pictures of Barrett and I to give him. I also picked up RAWNOLA bars from Zest! because he LOVES those things!


A kombucha while I anxiously awaited his arrival…


Yay!! He got here safely! He surprised me with a boat-load of flowers and the cutest earrings from Nats. His little tradition for me is to buy me earrings from Nats ❤ Fun facts: I LOVE earrings. I wear them every day.


We got all dressed up for a belated Valentine’s Day date night! First, we picked up chocolates with a gift certificate I got from his parent’s to Cocomo and then we headed to Novo Dolce! We treated ourselves to a fun cocktail (mine had gin, blood orange, and rosemary!) and started out with a Burrata board. For the entrée I got a greek salad with salmon added! Novo Dolce is my favorite restaurant in Bowling Green. I love the unique food and fun cocktails! Plus, the atmosphere is great.


We went back home to get in the hot tub a little bit and watch a documentary…yeah… I fell asleep before Barrett even picked anything to watch! I can’t stay up past 9 most nights let alone 10:30!


The next morning I woke up at 5:30 to help out with the homeless program our church participates in. When we got home I downed some coffee and made some oatmeal.

Since Barrett has such a weird sleeping schedule from working the third shift at the hospital, he goes to bed around 4 a.m. and wakes up around noon that day. I decided to study some biology while he snoozed the morning away.


Later that afternoon, my February wellness box came in the mail!

I ordered:

Thieves toothpaste & hand sanitzer, lavender oil, stress away oil, lemon myrtle oil, and valor oil, coconut lime body butter, Slique CitraSlim & Slique tea.

What I got FOR FREE:

lavender bath bombs, V6 oil (for diluting oil for the skin), and SclarEssence Vitality oil!

If you want to know how you can get a wellness box each month, EMAIL ME! 🙂


After spending the afternoon hanging out with Barrett, we went to church for Vespers, and he made his way back to Nashville. I was SO SAD to say goodbye to him. I won’t see him for a couple more weeks!


Sunday morning started bright and early thanks to the dogs 😉

I headed to church to teach Sunday school and attend the Liturgy. When I got home, I brewed up some coffee and made my favorite vegetable/egg scramble with a GF bagel thin. I will be posting the scramble later this week because it is so easy and packed with vegetables.


Me in my natural habitat…drinking my beloved coffee. Plus, this sweater from Free People is like wearing a thick blanket. I love it.


We took the dogs for a walk since the weather was absolutely perfect.

My sweet Owen boy… stop growing!



When we got back I enjoyed my last yogurt bowl before the Lenten season kicks off into full swing!


I got some studying in and diffused some lemon myrtle because it smells so fresh and it is so uplifting!


Later in the evening we attended Forgiveness Vespers (one of my all time favorite services in the Orthodox church!) and I came home and ate a salad of spring mix, snap peas, carrots, a veggie burger, and pita chips.


I hope you all have a great week! I have got some exciting things coming this week including a collaboration with the beautiful Hannah Kerr of Kerrageously Made!