weekly recap: lots of healthy food & pictures of my dog.

Happy Tuesday! How are you? Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged! I have been blogging about twice a week lately and I think that is how I will do things for now. I like blogging when I feel like it because this is basically like one big diary for me.

Anyways, in case you missed it, I posted a quick week night dinner and an easy salad last week!

Just an FYI, this post is all over the place. I don’t really remember what days I ate what or did what but hopefully it inspires you to eat healthier this week. Recently my grandpa was placed in the hospital with stage 4 colon cancer so that is another reason I am a little all over the place.


Let’s start out with a picture of this guy because he makes everything better. Just look at that face!!

Almost everyday last week started with a workout, followed by a dog walk, and then a big cup of coffee.


Wednesday I enjoyed a “Jolly Green” from Zest! while I ate / blogged my lunch!


Here is the recipe for my “Healthier Caesar Salad


Wednesday evening something kind of scary happened to me when I got off work. I was a bit shaken up from the whole thing but I wanted to say a special thank you to Lydia for buying me a cup of coffee after the whole situation. I am sure everyone at the coffee shop thought I was just some weird girl crying for no reason but THANK YOU Lydia for not caring that I looked like a crazy person and being such a kind soul! God truly does place the right people in your life at the right moment.

Thursday morning started with a dog walk and a breakfast of 1 eggs, 2 egg whites, an orange, and a granola bar. These granola bars are probably loaded with sugar, but I don’t care. They taste like dessert! I got them at ALDI!



Thursday night I was helping out at the Makeup + Mimosa event my boss/mentor was putting on! If you haven’t checked out Young Living’s NEW MAKEUP LINE, send me a message! I would love to chat about it with you.


Friday afternoon I treated myself to a hunk of baguette and 1/2 a cobb salad from Panera! I added extra chicken and ditched the cheese.


When Barrett got into town (!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ) we took the dogs to the park for a quick walk. How cute are they? Annie gets major anxiety in social situations so she isn’t the best to take for walks, but she is learning. Owen just likes to try to play with her the whole time.


Friday night I told my family I was cooking! I prepared an appetizer board while I cooked since we would be eating later.


Barrett made us special cocktails! He blended grapefruit, honey, banana, tequila, and ice for a refreshing treat.


I made a homemade pasta sauce filled with lots of veggies and grass-fed beef. I also prepared cheese ravioli for everyone and some zucchini noodles!



Saturday morning I was up bright and early and ready for coffee. Barrett made me eggs while I poured the cereal 😉 He makes the BEST scrambled eggs. I always beg him for “Barrett’s Basil Eggs” because he loads them with basil and parmesan cheese. He definitely impressed me with this dish when we first started dating. My cereal included: 1 C plain Cheerios, 1/2 C PB&Chocolate Cheerios, and 2 T of sprouted Ezekiel granola.


We spent the rest of Saturday doing random errands and just enjoying each others company. We met his parents for lunch and I had a chicken kale caesar salad. It was such a fun day! I was SO SO SO sad to see him leave later that night. I miss him all the time. Barrett also bought me my FAVORITE Valentine’s Day candy (besides chocolate, duh)! These are my guilty pleasure!


Sunday I went to church by myself while my family drove up to see my grandpa. I am an emotional wreck when it comes to even talking about him so I decided not to go and write him a letter instead. After church I raced home to prep a kale salad, stuffed mushrooms, and avocado brownies.




When my parents got back I hung out with my mom watching Netflix until it was time to go to a Valentine’s Day party with the Ladie’s Soceity at our Church.

Monday morning started bright and early with a workout, a quick dog walk, and this yogurt bowl. I used to eat cool whip and yogurt all the time in high school then my eating disorder told me I couldn’t eat that anymore. These days I am listening to my body more and eating what I want when I want. However, I did swap the cool whip for Truwhip to make it a little “cleanier” 🙂


For lunch I had leftover kale salad with added tuna + rice cakes & hummus!


Study snack! Coffee, apples drizzled with chocolate PB2, 1 T of trail mix, & some leftover avocado brownie.


Several hours of homework and dog walk later…I prepared dinner! My mom made the rice while I cooked up some turkey and made a side salad. Quick, easy, and delicious.


I hope you all had a restful week and are ready for the week to come. I feel like each day goes by quicker and quicker. Please say a prayer for my grandpa if you can. ❤

Have a wonderful day!