salmon, brussel sprouts + sweet potatoes, & quinoa

Salmon, brussel sprouts + sweet potatoes, and quinoa… AKA one of my favorite quick and healthy dinners!


This meal is packed with A LOT of nutrients and comes together in less than 40 minutes.

fun facts


  • quinoa is a complete protein source containing all 20 essential amino acids our bodies need. one serving of quinoa (1 cup) contains 8g of protein! it is important for our bodies to get the amino acids we need because there are several our bodies cannot produce on their own. quinoa is also gluten-free and has been known to aid in weight loss, heart health, and bone health! PLUS, it takes only 15 minutes to cook.
  • Alaskan salmon does wonders for our bodies. when you get a good piece of salmon, you are giving your body the nutrients it needs for better eye sight, better heart health, healthy skin, bone defense, and TONS of vitamin D. Look for wild-caught alaskan salmon when going to the butcher shop or grocery store.


  • brussel sprouts are rich in vitamins A, C, & K and are packed with antioxidants. they are also extremely high and fiber and can help lower your blood sugar levels. crispy, roasted brussel sprouts are my personal favorite!


  • sweet potatoes are also packed with antioxidants and can help lower your blood sugar. they also aid in weight loss and promote vision health. there are a million and one ways to eat sweet potatoes. my family always chops them up into cubes and roasts them for a quick meal.


this meal feeds 4!



  • preheat oven to 400 degrees
  • cube sweet potatoes, slice and clean brussel sprouts, toss with salt & pepper, ghee, and garlic powder.
  • bake for 35 – 40 minutes
  • rinse quinoa, add to pot with 4 cups vegetable broth, salt, and 1/2 a squeezed lemon
  • cook quinoa according to directions
  • mix lemon garlic dressing, minced garlic, dill, salt & pepper together and pour over salmon filets
  • garnish each piece of salmon with a slice of lemon
  • bake until flaky!