My Morning Routine! AKA: How to Start Your Day off Right!

For me, the key to having a great day is starting off your morning on the right foot! Or the right side of the bed… get it? 😉

Today I thought I would share my morning routine! Mornings are my favorite time of the day. If I don’t have my morning routine each morning, I feel funky for most of the day and it is hard for me to snap out of that funk.

Below are my tips and tricks to having the best day!

Go to bed early…so you can wake up early!


I try to be in bed by 9:00 – 9:30 every night and I usually fall asleep by 10. I know you might be thinking I am crazy but I can’t help it. I wake up at 4:30 every morning and have been for the past 6 years. When you wake up at 4:30…you are exhausted by 9:00 pm. Now, I am not saying you have to be awake at 4:30, but try to wake up before 6:30 am!

 Start your morning off with exercise!

           I love going to the gym in the mornings! My workouts are always better with             nothing in my stomach and first thing in the morning. Plus, HELLO ENDORPHINS. My workouts vary from running, long walks, or some type of strength training.

 Spend time in silence and prayer.


I try to spend 15 minutes every morning after my workout with my Bible and my devotional. I like to use this time to be in silence and prayer with God. My current devotional is: A Faith Encouraged: A Devotional Guide To Being Orthodox on Purpose and I love it!

 Sip your coffee / tea slowly and eat a filling breakfast!




I don’t know what I would do without coffee. I don’t care what anyone says about coffee and “your health” I will drink my 2 cups every morning for as long as I can. I like my coffee STRONG and I usually just add half n half. I like to add “fun” creamers in the afternoon usually. My current favorite is a vanilla almond milk creamer my mom picked up for me.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 9.34.37 PMIMG_8026


Breakfast, in my opinion, truly is the most important meal of the day. For me, it sets the mood for how I am going to eat the rest of the day. Does that make sense? I love food a lot so I think about these sorts of things. Some of my favorite breakfasts are eggs, big bowls of oatmeal, bagel sandwiches, or peanut butter toast. Making breakfast is fun and exciting for me. A lot of people don’t have time to sit down and enjoy breakfast in the morning, which I totally understand. Try prepping oatmeal or an egg casserole at the beginning of the week to enjoy every morning on the go.

Here is a recipe for my favorite easy breakfast casserole! CLICK HERE!

 Plan out your day / Diffuse Happy Oils!




I am definitely a planner and I thrive off routine. I like to write down a quick list of all the things I need to accomplish that day and try to check them off as I do each thing.

Diffusing oils has also quickly become one of my favorite parts of the morning! I try to diffuse oils that make me happy. I usually go for the citrusy-oils or “En-R-Gee” and I like to add in peppermint to whatever I am diffusing because it is one of my favorite smells. Another recent favorite is lemongrass! The smell is so up-lifting.

Choose your outfit based on how you want to feel!



This may seem silly, but just roll with it. If I ever feel “funky” I try to dress up a little extra so I can boost my confidence a little. Most days I feel totally fine and feel most comfortable in jeans, a t-shirt, and no makeup. Some days I kind of feel “off” so I put on a little mascara, wear a cute top, throw on some boots and try to fix my hair a little. Call me superficial, but I will do whatever I can to keep my mood in high spirits!

Pack food for the day!



I HAVE to have food to eat throughout the day because I am always on the go between school and work! Some of my favorite meals to pack are simple salads with lettuce, tuna or chicken, sauerkraut, and a fun salad dressing. I also love tuna and avocado mixed together. I also have to have something crunchy! I like packing rice cakes, pretzel thins, or some Annie’s cheddar bunnies. I also always try to have an apple and granola bar on hand when afternoon hunger kicks in. Another easy food to pack is hardboiled eggs! Keep things simple and don’t put a lot of stress on yourself. I think a lot of people get stressed out about the “idea” of packing food for the whole day and just resort to eating fast food…DON’T DO THAT. Ew. Haha! Take time to go to the grocery store and pick up food for the week. It is YOUR health and YOUR body…take care of it!

Here is a post on my favorite easy and healthy snacks! CLICK HERE!

These are just some of the things I try to do each morning to ensure I have a great day. Sometimes none of these things work and that is OKAY. Somedays you are just sad! Hello mother nature…

Anyways! I love mornings and if you don’t, try some of these things to kick-off your morning the right way! ❤


Feel free to let me know some things you do during your morning routine to ensure you will have a great day!