weekend recap: belated birthday & salads galore!

heelllooo! how are you??


It is officially day 3 into the semester and my eye is only twitching a little so far! So that’s good. I am sure by next week both eyes will be twitching and I will look like I’m crying 24/7 but such is the life for a senior (I can’t believe it) in college.

I wanted to post a little recap of my life lately before I get bombarded with more school work this week.

First of all, check out my blog post on my January Essential Rewards that I posted last Thursday. It has got some cool info if you are curious about Young Living!! I have been using the toothpaste every night and LOVE IT. Every other night I add a drop of orange to brighten my teeth.


I have also been using a mix of lavender and white angelica to help me sleep at night. I usually fall asleep around 9:30 (Yes, I am aware I am a grandma) and I begin diffusing it around 7. It puts me in a state of contentment as I start winding down for the day.


I am just warning you…this post is all over the place because I can’t remember when I did things or ate things…I am just posting what I found on my phone!

For example…here is a picture of an almond milk latte I got at Spencers last week. So freaking good.


I finished up my winter term class Friday morning so I celebratory breakfast was in store! 1 egg+1 egg white, yogurt, granola, and a gluten-free apple cinnamon waffle.


I spent most of the day babysitting and then came home to begin my last weekend of freedom before school started. I parked my butt on the couch with a cup of coffee and watched Gilmore Girls for hours. My mom picked me up so we could head to the Church to help out with the Room In the Inn program. It’s a program that takes in homeless individuals during the cold months. Before church my mom and I  got a hunk of bread and a cup of soup at Panera.

When we got back home Barrett was there and surprised me with my belated birthday gift. He got me the sweetest shoes I have ever seen. They are Allbirds and definitely live up to the company’s slogan “world’s comfiest shoe”. Barrett is really into sustainability and I am really into cute shoes so it was a win-win. I haven’t been able to wear them yet because of the snow/rain/mud/nasty weather but I can’t wait to wear them every day later.


I woke up really excited for the day on Saturday morning. Barrett had a special birthday weekend planned for me in Nashville! We couldn’t do it my actual birthday weekend because of the snow so I was really looking forward to this. I started the day with a cup of Cheerios in almond milk and coffee.


About an hour after breakfast I ran on the treadmill for a couple of miles while watching more Gilmore Girls. Then I got ready for the day! I knew we would be doing a lot of different things so I tried to pick an outfit that was cute and comfy. (#girlproblems)

I headed to Nashville around 11, excited to see my best friend ❤


Although I kept my camera with me all day, I didn’t take that many pictures. I was just having such a good time talking to Barrett and looking at everything that I forgot to snap many pictures. We started out with brunch at a new place downtown and I won’t even tell you the name because it sucked so much. It was $4.00 for a TINY cup of coffee and the coffee tasted like cold, sweaty feet. I would not have even ordered coffee if I had known the price. Barrett and  I hate places that charge ridiculous prices for food you can make at home ( i.e. avocado toast, eggs, or fruit) and that is exactly what this place was. ANYWAYS…we didn’t let the horrible restaurant spoil our day! Next on the list, The Frist! Barrett and I really, really love museums. He thought they had a photography exhibit up because he knows how much I have been enjoying photography (he is so sweet!!). Unfortunately, they only exhibits they had were World War I paintings and another exhibit featuring abstract art by Nick Cave. We still had a wonderful time! Barrett followed me around snapping pictures on my camera. It was so cute watching him try to work it. I don’t think I am allowed to post photos of the artwork within The Frist but I will post this one he took… it is my favorite 🙂


After walking around for a while, we headed across town to Vanderbilt’s campus to walk around. We got a latte at Fido (so yummy!) and walked in and out of shops. Barrett is such a trooper and held on to my things while I tried on different clothes. We were trying to kill some time before a movie at Belcourt! Once it was time to see our movie, I ordered a sparkling water over ice (so refreshing!!) and Barrett ordered a beer. I love the Belcourt theatre because you can order wine, beer, special drinks, and the actual theatre has an “old-timey, vintagey” feel. We went to see Phantom’s Thread with Daniel Day-Lewis and I LOVED it. You have to watch it if you can! It was kind of weird at times but that is what made it so unique and interesting.

The movie ended around 7 so we headed back into the city to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, Chauhan! They serve amazing and unique Indian food and really fun cocktails. They told us it would be a two-hour wait for a table or we could sit at the bar immediately. We jumped the chance to sit at the bar! I personally love sitting at the bar because it is more fun when it is just a party of two. I told Barrett I like any chance to sit close to each other 🙂

I started out with a fun twist on a Moscow mule (heavy on the ginger <3) and Barrett ordered a beer. Our bartender was so nice! We started out with an appetizer of fried naan with blood oranges, regular oranges, and lychee with all types of sauces on top. It was incredible! For out entrée I ordered chicken korma with rice and Barrett ordered some sort of green chili stuffed with all sorts of things! I definitely had to let Barrett finish my plate off because I was so full from the appetizer. We left around 9 and I was exhausted. When we got back I immediately scrubbed off my makeup and fell asleep!

I was really excited for Sunday morning because I got to go to church with Barrett. Ever since his hours changed at the hospital we haven’t been able to go to Church in Bowling Green together so this was a wonderful treat. ❤

After church, Barrett had a bit before he needed to be at work so we grabbed breakfast a Provence Bread & Cafe. I ordered a macaroon and Barrett ordered a fruit tart while we waited for our food. I wasn’t really hungry anymore after my macaroon so I gave most of my fritatta to Barrett!


We said our goodbyes after breakfast and I may or may not have cried a little on the way home. I was so sad our weekend together was over. I am so grateful for him! He definitely had me in mind when he planned this weekend. We did so many of my favorite things. Thank you Barrett! ❤

When I got home I printed off all my syllabi and started getting my planner ready for the semester! For dinner I had a big salad with steak and a little rice added in.


Monday started out with 45 minutes on the eliptical followed by an arm workout. Then I went to work most of the day and then came home to start reading for biology and environmental health. I started to feel overwhelmed so I went outside and just laid down for like 10 minutes. It was the best decision because I immediately felt refreshed!


For dinner that night I made a side caesar salad, chicken nuggets, a little rice, and one egg.


I ran on the treadmill for 3 miles Tuesday morning and then did an ab workout. When I came home I made a 1 egg+3 egg white omelette with 1/4 an avocado, and a gluten-free bagel thin.


I had my first full day of classes yesterday and I got home around 8! I fixed myself a giant salad with chicken, took a shower, and called Barrett before I fell asleep.


I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!