Favorite meals & snacks lately!

Two posts in one day? You could say I am feeling inspired! Or I am trying to avoid my last week of Winter Term… anyways…

I thought I would share some pictures I have on my phone and camera of some of the meals and snacks I have been eating lately.

Just this time last year I thought I had to eat a certain way and eat at certain times of the day, even if I wasn’t hungry. I would have breakfast, a snack, lunch, a snack, dinner, and dessert. After starting my new medication, feeling nauseous all the time, and then having the nausea subside made me realize I wasn’t actually all the hungry all the time. I’ve been trying hard to listen to my body and eat when I want, stop when I am full, blah blah blah…

My point is: Do what is BEST for YOUR body. I spent a good portion of my late teens and early twenties following other people’s diets and I am done with that! Eating healthy is still a passion of mine so I have been eating a lot of eggs, salads, and meat and less chocolates and desserts.

Here are some of the foods that have been making me feel my best lately!






That’s all I have for today… I guess I will go and finish these last few assignments for my Winter Term!

Have a good night ❤