Essential Oil Spotlight: Lavender

To kick off my “Wellness Wednesdays” posts talking about essential oils, I thought we could talk about Lavender first. Pretty much everyone has heard of lavender and if you haven’t well, today is your lucky day!


Lavender doesn’t just smell wonderful, the benefits are amazing. I actually use lavender as a perfume sometimes. I just dab a little between my wrists and behind my ears.

Lettuce dive in to discussing this impeccable oil.


Top 10 uses:

1. lavender contains antidepressant properties which can help reduce emotional stress.

2. lavender is known for helping improve your sleep.

3. lavender contains some incredible antioxidants that can improve your complexion and has been known to slow the aging process.

4. burns, cuts, bug bites – you name it, a drop or two of lavender will heal’er right up!

5. Mixing a few drops of lavender with coconut oil can help with eczema and dry skin or chapped lips.

6. dandruff! Oh my goodness, this really works! Rub a few drops on your scalp.

7. lavender has been known to boost your immunity in order to resist several diseases.

8. lavender improves blood circulation and helps lower your blood pressure.

9. tummy problems? lavender is perfect for aiding in digestion. you can also rub a few drops on your lower abdomen to relieve menstrual cramps.

10. massage a few drops to temples and nape of neck to alleviate a headache!


How to use lavender everyday:

  • diffuse in the morning or before bedtime
  • apply to wrists for a sweet and subtle perfume
  • apply to tummy to relieve cramps
  • add to bath salts to make a relaxing bath time treat
  • add to lemonade for a lavender lemonade
  • add a few drops with water to a spray bottle for a linen / room spray

Below is an info graph about lavender from Young Living!


Honestly, the list just goes on. Basically, if you have a problem, lavender can most likely fix it!