what i ate wednesday: halloween edition


How is it already Wednesday?!? I can’t complain though, I am 100% ready for the weekend to get here again so I can hang out with Barrett.

Did you all have a good Halloween?? It felt like a typical day over here just some candy and pumpkin cookies added into the mix 😉

I haven’t done a “what I ate Wednesday” post in a while so I thought, Why not do one after a holiday??!! I hope these posts show you that you can still eat clean and healthy while also not depriving yourself of some of life’s goodness (like pumpkin cookies!) In the past, I would have stressed the hell out about any sort of holiday because it would have thrown off my eating “routine.” Now, I WELCOME holidays. I still HATE sugar and what it does to our bodies, but we only get the chance to eat certain things once a year and I am not passing that up anymore. My sister makes KILLER pumpkin cookies. They legit taste like clouds of heaven. I am not going to pass one up because a.) they are incredible, b.) she worked really hard on them, and c.) I only get to eat them once a year.

With all that being said…let’s talk about what I ate yesterday!


The day started out with a 3 mile walk. I wasn’t feeling the whole high-intensity, weight-lifting thing so I went on a walk at a high incline. I have been loving walks lately. After I got home and showered off, I made a breakfast taco.

IMG_7011 (2)

I used 1 casava & coconut flour tortilla, 1 egg & 2 egg whites, 1 piece of bacon, a few handfuls of spinach, a sliver of organic & grass-fed cheese, and some salt & pepper!



Between classes I enjoyed a bowl of homemade beef & vegetable soup my mom made the night before. I also had some almond flour crackers alongside it!



A little after lunch my sweet tooth kicked in so I had a cup of chai roobios tea and some pumpkin seed/dark chocolate bark thins.


…when I got home I had a cup of coffee and enjoyed the cool weather!

Before we started making dinner, my mom and I went on a short walk around the neighborhood since the weather was so PERFECT.


While we were cooking dinner we my sweet little cousin came over to tick-or-treat 🙂 She was a little bat and looked adorable!



Dinner was curry chicken, rice, roasted broccoli, acorn squash&bacon, and a dinner roll. Basically, dinner was all about the starches! Hah! It was all delicious though.



A little after dinner I enjoyed a cup of pumpkin spice tea and 3 of Danica’s pumpkin cookies. They are about a tablespoon in size so 3 equals 1 cookie, right? 😉


My family and I tried to watch Halloweentown (a classic!!) but of course, I fell asleep mid-movie. When I woke up to drag myself upstairs…it was 9:15. I think that officially makes me a grandma. Oh, well. That’s what happens when everyday you wake up at 4:45!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. See you Friday!!