quick date in Nashville

Happiest of Wednesday’s to you! I hope you are enjoying the gloomy weather. Sometimes I think I am the weirdest person in the world (for many reasons) but one being, I love gloomy weather! Dreary and rainy days make me so, so happy and sunny and hot days make me depressed. Is that strange? Probably.


I went down to Nashville after work yesterday to hang out with Barrett on his day off. We are both still super poor so we knew we wanted our day to be as cheap as possible. We started off with coffee and treats at Caviar and Bananas and then made our way to Bicentennial Park. 







We had the best time walking around and reading up on the history of Nashville. I think Barrett was getting a little tired of me taking pictures but I told him to get over it, haha!










After we finished walking around we headed to the Turnip Truck to pick up ingredients for dinner. Barrett requested vegetarian shepard’s pie and I used THIS recipe. It turned out pretty good but I still like meat in my shepard’s pie!

When we finished with dinner, I helped Barrett organize some of the things he’s been unpacking and then I headed back to Bowling Green. I love getting to spend time with him even if it is only a few short hours.