Canada Trip part 1

Good morning!!!

First things first…. I PASSED ANATOMY!! I cried tears of joy the second I saw my grade hit online. This summer course was completely exhausting, physically and mentally. I am so happy to never have to take Anatomy again.

Ok, now onto other things! I am going to break this post up into three parts. Part 1 and 2 will be about my time in Canada and Part 3 will be all about traveling while staying “healthy!”

We left for our trip Thursday morning around 6. I had my big thermos of coffee to sip away at until we were ready for breakfast. We stopped in Louisville around 8 (or 9, their time) for breakfast at Panera (where else?!)


To be honest, I slept most of the trip. I didn’t really want to stare at my phone or Ipad so I just closed my eyes. I get car sick really easily so it was better for me if I just didn’t stare at anything.

I also enjoyed a Rebbl reishi chocolate drink!


We stopped every 2 hours to pee and drove straight through lunch, so I snacked on sweet potato chips, beef jerky, and rice cakes.


I also had quite a few ginger chews because of car sickness!






I also put my headphones in and listened to several episodes of The Balanced Bites podcast.


Once we arrived in Canada, we headed straight to Tim Horton’s for coffee! Danica looks thrilled, doesn’t she?



I am convinced Tim’s has the BEST coffee. Way cheaper than Starbucks and so darn good.

We had about 4 more hours to go at this point, so I snacked on some gluten-free ginger snaps with my coffee.

Once we arrived at my Aunt’s house, we drank wine and ordered pizza! Thursday was also my Aunt’s birthday. Happy Birthday Aunt Janet! How cute are her dogs? Here’s Fred, the labradoodle.


And Polly, the goldendoodle.



And here is Petey! He is a sweet heart!!


I went to bed early that night because I was so exhausted.

Friday morning my dad woke us up so we could walk down to Tim Horton’s for breakfast. Friday was also a big day because it was Danica’s birthday!! Happy Birthday Danica!!! You are such an amazing sister!


I had a maple TimBit and an egg sandwich with bacon ( I just skipped out on eating the bagel!)



After breakfast we went on a little walk/hike around the town to get some exercise in.



That’s a wrap for Part 1! We had a big day Thursday so I think I will stop here. I am off to roast veggies for the week. I will see you all here tomorrow for Part 2!!