weekend recap: studying, food, & studying some more.

Good morning and happy Monday! I am sitting here tired and sweaty after finishing up at Crossfit this morning. I got to go with Barrett and it was pretty fun to work out together. I normally go to the later class but I knew today needed to be dedicated to more studying so I got my workout out-of-the-way.

I think I may still take a walk later, just to get the blood flowing after sitting for a long time to study.

So listen, this weekend was super uneventful. I stayed at home pretty much 90% of the time, studying when I could and also hanging out with my family for my own personal sanity. I have been trying very hard not to get stressed about this Anatomy final.

Since most of the weekend looked like this:


and this…


I think I will just stick to showing you some of the food I ate.

Friday night we decided to grill out. Hamburgers, kale salad, roasted broccoli, and watermelon for the win! I promise there is a hamburger under all those toppings.


And then Barrett and I caught up on the rest of Suits and I fell asleep around 1:30. I woke up at 6:30 the next morning because my Church was going to be serving breakfast at the Salvation Army. Breakfast on the go: Coffee and a Perfect Bar.


After the Salvation Army we stopped by Coffee and Eggs to try out their coffee. I am excited to try out their food next time!


Verdict: I’m a fan! I love a good dark roast.

I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon studying. For lunch I had a leftover hamburger over some spinach.


A little later I had melted PB with an apple and a little chocolate granola…


I studied some more and then next thing I knew it was 7 and Barrett came over!

We had crock pot shredded chicken and peppers over rice that my mom had made. So good!


I also had a piece of my mom’s homemade bread with blackberry jelly and grass-fed butter. I can’t resist her bread, it’s just too good.


And then my mom surprised me with this chocolate bar to get me through these last few days of Anatomy. I love her!


I enjoyed some with a chilly glass of almond milk.

I went to bed tired and happy!

Sunday I woke up at 6 to study some more before heading to church. Can you tell this class has been killing me? Funny story, I decided to make some coffee to keep me awake. We just started buying whole coffee beans to grind up instead of just buying ground coffee. I wasn’t sure exactly how many scoops of whole beans to put in for a full pot of coffee since my mom usually wakes up first to do it. I put in 10 scoops of whole beans to grind up…and I noticed my coffee was extra, extra strong. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good, strong cup of coffee but after the first cup I was actually shaking (something that has never happened to me before.) When my mom woke up I asked her how many scoops she uses and she said only 6! Whoops…I was definitely feeling wired the rest of the morning.

After church I immediately came home and heated up some chicken and rice I was so hungry!


I studied some more and then decided to bake something! I made Paleo pumpkin bread and this brussels sprouts and apple salad. Both recipes are from Julie Bauer Roth’s PaleOMG cookbook. I am obsessed with that woman. All her food not only looks insanely good but each one is incredibly delicious! GO BUY HER COOKBOOK. ok? ok.


I ended the night with Barrett watching the newest episode of Suits and we practiced hand stands, haha.

See you Wednesday!!!