friday favorites

Happy Friday friends! The weeks are FLYING by. In my opinion, it’s a good thing because my Anatomy final is next Tuesday and I just want it all to be OVER. This past month and a half has been so incredibly stressful and I am just ready to chill out before school starts again in August.

I have also got a couple exciting trips coming up! I am going to Canada next week and then I get to watch my cousins again in August. I love getting to hang out with them! They both have so much personality. I am also really excited to go to Canada to see my Aunt because I haven’t seen her in FOREVER. Her and my uncle have a pig roast every summer and they invite all of their friends. My uncle is a chef so there is always soooo much delicious food. I can’t wait!

Alright, let’s get to it! Below are the things making me smile this week! What are your favorite things this week?

1.  Lettuce Attend brand goods!


My sweet, sweet dad surprised me this week with Lettuce Attend stitched on a t-shirt, rain jacket, and giant bag that he says “Will hold all my crap I tote around” haha! I love him so much! He’s supported this blog before it even actually existed. I can’t wait to wear these things and represent something that means so much to me!


Also, he got me this a couple of months ago and I forgot to show you guys! I am hoping to put a metal clip at the top to hold a recipe or something. How cute right? It’s an old piece of wood.

2. This song! Listen here.


I blast is the second I get in the car and put it on repeat until I get to my destination. I have no idea what they are saying the song, but its fun to listen to. Do you ever hear those songs and think “If I was in a movie, this would be playing right now?” Oh, you aren’t self-absorbed? Ok, I am a little and I always think about that stuff! This song would definitely be playing in the opening credits with me driving down the road, sunglasses on, and hair blowing with the windows down. (I am so weird.)

3. COLD green tea.

I have been making a hot cup of green tea at night and pouring it into a cup to sit in the fridge until the next day. I have been drinking it right after Crossfit and it is so, so refreshing! I love this blueberry flavor because the flavor is so powerful!

4. This breakfast.


This breakfast has been on repeat for me lately. I just love how fresh and sweet fruit is right now and I cannot get enough of the Vans gluten-free waffles. Plus, I can’t go one day without eating eggs.

That’s all I have this week folks!

I’ve got a couple of fun things this weekend but I will mostly be studying. See you back here Monday!