Redirecting our “Self-hatred” energy


This morning I was reading my Jesus Calling devotional and it was all about redirecting our “self-hatred energy.” It says, “rather than using your energy to judge yourself, redirect it to praising Me (God).” (pg. 204)

I really, really needed to read that today. It is so easy for me to look in the mirror and immediately point out my flaws. I am my own worst critic. I am in a constant mind-battle of knowing how incredibly blessed I am and silently giving into the devil when he tells me that my thighs are too big or I am too stupid to pass Anatomy.

I wish I could sit here and tell you that I am a perfect Christian who doesn’t sin, who eats perfectly, who is a loving sister, daughter, girlfriend, and friend. But I’m not.

I can be mean and spiteful and selfish and prideful.

But when I am mean and spiteful and selfish and prideful, I am listening to the devil. I am so caught up in how much I hate myself in those moments that I take out my insecurities on others. The devil thinks he has won.

But it also in those moments when I experience God the most. Because no matter how mean and nasty I can be, God still loves me.

And the best part is? He still loves you too because chances are, you aren’t perfect either.

So today, when you think about how you wish you were “skinner” or you wish you could run more, lift more, be more, or just simply hate who you are… remember this:  you are already wearing the armor of God. Exactly who you are right at this very moment, you are clothed in so much love and perfection. You are who He created you to be. So how can you be anything but beautiful and strong?

When you think you are at your worst, redirect that energy into thanking God for creating YOU.

Because the devil may think he has won when he gets ahold of you, but God ALWAYS wins. Always.

As Psalm 34:5 says, “I sought the Lord and He heard me; And He delivered me from all my sojourning.”

Happy Thursday friends.