what I ate Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! I hope you all are having a wonderful week. This week has been pretty busy so far. I’ve got my Anatomy final next Tuesday, so I have been studying for that. I have also been working and working out. My body is SOO tired from Crossfit today.

Yesterday we had to row 1.5K, do 450 jump ropes, and run 1.5 miles. TOUGH I tell you, TOUGH.

So since I have been running all over the place, my pictures aren’t the prettiest but you will get the idea… eating healthy does NOT have to be difficult. It’s just about making the best out of every situation you can. Planning ahead is important!

Here we go…



I woke up craving a smoothie so I enjoyed this one while working on some homework.



A couple of hours later I had a gluten-free waffle with crunchy peanut butter. I knew I needed a little extra energy in me before Crossfit.




Post-Crossfit I need something quick, so into a pan went a coupe pieces of broccoli, some ham, a few roasted potatoes from dinner last night, and 2 eggs. I topped it with a little pepper.



I ate lunch around 1:15, so around 3 I was pretty hungry again. I snacked on a handful of these clusters from CVS and a water.

I’m tellin ya, that CF workout not only made me exhausted the rest of the day, but I was soooo hungry.

Around 4:30 I snacked again.


This time on baby carrots, a NO COW bar, and a sparkling water while at work.

After work, I came home to relax before going to my other job. I decided to grab dinner with my mom to take home to my family before I headed out.


We stopped at Panera and I got the strawberry chicken poppyseed salad.


I had to work pretty late but when I got back home I had a dark chocolate peanut butter cup to reward myself for making it through the day!

I hope these posts let you see how easy it is to whip up something quick and healthy!

See you Friday!