passwords, food, walks, and more!

Good morning, Good morning, gooooood morrrrninnngggg!!


How are you? How was your weekend??? Mine was incredible! Lots of rest, walks, food, and quality time with some of my favorite people.

I wanted to do a Friday Favorites post but I forgot my password to WordPress and then I forgot the password to the email that recovers your password…

But! I found a small sheet of paper in my room that has all my passwords, so we’re good! (Should I not say that on the internet? Oh well, haha)

So anyways, this was my breakfast on Friday! one gluten-free Vans waffle with Crazy Richards crunchy PB (I love this peanut butter because the only ingredient is PEANUTS, no oils or sugars), 2 eggs, spinach, and a cinnamon dusted white peach. So tasty and filling! I wanted to celebrate finishing one summer class.

One down…Anatomy to go.

So I found these Tessemae’s salad toppers at Kroger Thursday night and have been topping salads with them ever since.


I made a salad with romaine, tuna, this salad topper, an apple, and Tessemaes honey poppyseed dressing after my run on Friday.


This salad was so fresh and filling!

I headed into work on Friday afternoon but the air conditioning was out so my kind and lovely boss, Jessica let me leave after about an hour and a half of work. This worked out perfectly because I had a quiz that I need to take for school when I got back home.

I came home, took my quiz, and plopped down next to my mom with a bowl of popcorn to watch an episode of Jane the Virgin. (We are sooo addicted!)

Around 5:45 I got ready for a hot date with Barrett! Hot date entailing…Chick-fil-a eaten in his office at work, haha! I picked up a chicken salad sandwich AND a regular sandwich for him (Boy can eat!!) and a 12-ct grilled nuggets for me. I had to wait like 2 extra minutes for my food so Chick-fil-a was like “Hey, we threw in 2 medium fries, sorry about the wait.” I was like “oooooo, I love you guys.”

I brought along 2 La Croix and my beloved Tessemaes mustard and ketchup.


I forgot how good Chick-fil-a was. Barrett and I don’t usually go here, but we were both craving it!

After Chick-fil-a we headed over to the movie theatre to watch Wonder Woman. I’ll be honest, watching Wonder Woman put me in the weirdest funk! Of course, Barrett figured out why. I was upset because I didn’t look like Wonder Woman (or the woman who plays her, Gal Gadot). Is that silly? Yes. But I couldn’t help it! The devil likes to whisper in my ear sometimes. Of course I know Gal Gadot is completely different from who I am and she’s a movie star, but still.

Barrett snapped me out of it, of course! He’s too nice to me. ❤

I fell asleep shortly after we got back home and I was woken up by the storms around 1:50. Did anyone else have crazy weather? The lighting and thunder felt like it was right on top of our house. I eventually fell back asleep around 2:30 and then woke up around 8:30 craving a big cup of coffee (what else?)


After breakfast, my mom, sister and I headed out for a walk at a park close to our house.


As we walked around the trail, we practiced hand stands and pull ups. We then did some reps of alternating lunges/push ups and squats/push ups. We were a sweaty mess when we finished!

I had told my mom that morning that I thought we should grill out that night so after out walk we headed to Kroger to pick up all the necessary items.

After Kroger, we headed home to shower and make smoothies. After getting ready, my family and I headed to a graduation party for a family friend. I loved getting to see people from my old church! Congratulations Shelby!


Here’s some pictures of me and my handsome brother!

Once we left the graduation party, we came home for a few minutes to relax before heading to Church for Vespers.  I enjoyed an iced coffee! I used cold brew and sweet cream!


Once Vespers was over, my parents and I booked it home to start dinner.

On the menu was grilled chicken, grilled pineapple, strawberry salad, smashed potatoes, and grilled zucchini.

For the chicken, I marinated it in about 1/2 a bottle of Tessemaes lemon garlic dressing, about 1/4 cup Tamari, 1/4 cup Avocado oil, 1 T lemon pepper seasoning, and about 2 cloves crushed garlic. We had it marinating about 2 hours before we grilled it. It turned out juicy and flavorful!




We all stayed up talking until around 10-10:30. I was so exhausted I just wanted to go upstairs and crawl into bed.

Sunday began bright and early because I needed to make some muffins to bring to Church. After Church was coffee hour and I had some gluten-free crackers, guacamole, fruit, and a cabbage and ham dish my mom made (it was so, so, so good!)


After leaving Church, I headed to Target with my mom and sister to get the essentials. (AKA random things we think we need)

My sister dropped me back off at Church so I could head to Sonic with Barrett and some of our wonderful friends from Church to enjoy a cold treat. I wasn’t feeling ice cream so I  went with an iced coffee. It was great catching up with our friends. I spent most of the time helping a little boy at our church who’s 5 find little “treasures” around the parking lot. He thought every little piece of trash was a brand new “treasure” it was so cute. His sweet optimism reminded me not to take life so seriously and to find joy in the smallest things. Kids can teach us so much!!

When I got back home, I worked on some homework and made a salad with leftovers from the night before to munch on.


This salad was so good! It tasted like the strawberry, poppyseed salad at Panera Bread.

A couple of hours later I was hungry again so I made a smoothie with 1/2 a banana, 2 scoops vanilla protein powder, 1 T cocoa, and 1 cup of  almond milk.


While I worked on more homework, my sister gave me a pedicure. When I was finished with homework, I decided to go on a walk and listen to some podcasts.





Barrett was actually on his way to my house so he picked me up after about 1.2 miles from my house and brought me home.

I ended the night with 2 eggs and some more cabbage and ham that my mom had made.

I’ve got a couple exciting things going on in my life that I will fill you all in on later!

Happy Monday!