lettuce catch up…on everything!

Good morning and Happy Wednesday! I decided to skip the weekend recap for Monday and post it today so I could include Tuesday’s festivities. In my defense, it felt like a big long weekend anyways!

Let’s back this recap up to last Friday. I started my morning with some easy, Paleo pancakes. I had some Applegate pork sausage and a little fruit on the side. For the pancakes I mashed one banana, added in 2 eggs, 2 T of coconut flour, a few dashes of cinnamon, and a 1/2 t of vanilla extract. Super easy! I also smothered mine in crunchy Krema peanut butter...not paleo but oh well!


The rest of Friday was spent getting some homework stuff done and then heading into work. Also, when I went to the bank they were giving away ice cream…I’ll take it! Mint chip for the win!


I got off work around 5 and headed home. My dad and brother had inventory at work so it was just my mom, Danica, and I. We watched Jane the Virgin (the best show, ever.) and I made some chickpea pasta with pesto and vegetables. I topped it with a small slice of my favorite grass-fed cheese.


Saturday morning I woke up 7 to a text from my mom asking if I wanted to go on a bike ride. I said of course! I hadn’t ridden my bike all summer so I was excited. My parents and I rode our bikes to Spencer’s for breakfast sandwiches and lattes. These are the kind of mornings I absolutely love.




After biking back home, I showered off and got ready to go shopping with my sister Danica. We stopped by Pink Lily boutique for the first time and I fell in love! I am really into pink and floral tops so this boutique was right up my alley. I picked up a new top and a pair of wedges for a dinner party I was going to later that night. We went to the mall after to walk around Dillard’s. I picked up 2 new pairs of Levi’s that were originally $80 each and I scored them for $20 each. I love sales!


Danica definitely has more fun with her clothing choices than I do, hah!

After shopping, I came back home to make some lunch and get ready for Barrett to pick me up. We were heading to Nashville to hang out with his brother, his brother’s girlfriend, and some of their friends for dinner. The dinner was AMAZING! There were a lot of fresh salads, bread and cheese, smoked chicken, and I may have had 10 glasses of wine. It’s fine.



Barrett and I got back around 2 in the morning Sunday. We took a pretty crazy detour on the way home from Nashville since they shut a big chunk of I-65 down! I fell asleep at Barrett’s since there was no way I was driving back home after drinking 10 glasses of wine.

I rushed back home Sunday morning to get ready to go to church with my family. After church we headed to the grocery story and then picked up donuts on the way home. I also made my dad take a picture with me since we matched. 🙂



Sunday evening Barrett and I attended a birthday party for some of our favorite people where I ate the best hamburger of my life. I think it was made with bacon and venison. So, so, so good! I smothered it in pickles, sauerkraut, and mustard. After we left the party, we headed to my cousin’s house to watch a few fireworks!


I went to bed feeling full of happieness.

Monday morning began with some quiet time and breakfast with my dad.


After breakfast I went to pick up my laptop at IT and then headed to Crossfit. This heat and humidity we have been having is killing me. I was drenched in sweat after only completing the warmup. After Crossfit, I headed home to make 2 Applegate chicken sausages over spring mix with Tessemae’s honey mustard dressing. 


After completing some homework, I got ready to head to work and snacked on chocolate sea salt RX bar.


I got off work around 10 and headed back home to eat some dinner. Since Barrett and I both had Tuesday free, we stayed up until 2 watching Suits. The new season premieres on July 12 and we are SO PUMPED. It’s our favorite show, we’re obsessed!

Tuesday morning Barrett made me his famous “Barrett’s basil eggs” while I sipped on my coffee.


After breakfast, Barrett and I ran some errands and I picked up ingredients to make cool-whip pies for my family and a get-toghether with Barrett’s family later that evening.


I just used a pre-made whole wheat crust, a mix of cool-whip and vanilla yogurt, and topped it with berries and honey!

Barrett and I then headed to his parent’s house for their July 4th party. Barrett’s brother Brian also snapped this awesome picture of Barrett and I watching fireworks.


Barrett and I were both so exhausted when we left his parent’s house at 10. He dropped me off  at home and I promptly passed out.

I hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend. Enjoy your Wednesday!