weekend recap

Good morning and Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was pretty relaxing despite all the studying on Saturday. But lets take this recap back to Friday! My parents were leaving for the Parish Life Conference in Chicago, so my sister and I met my mom at Gerard’s Tavern for lunch. I ordered the GT salad with no cheese and salmon. My mom and I also split an order of sweet potato fries.


The rest of Friday was spent going to work, studying a bit more, and visiting Danica at her work. I ended up buying a couple Aveda makeup products and that dry remedy shampoo I was telling you all about on Friday.img_4692.jpg

Danica and I spent the rest of Friday night snuggled up on the couch with ice cream and a couple of movies. I love a good sister night. We both got Nada Moo! ice cream at Meijer to try. I got snickerdoodle and she got the cookies and cream. We both really weren’t sure how we felt about it. It was good but at the same time it was weird. Haha it tasted like thick frosting almost.


Saturday morning began bright and early at 6:15 to get ready for a walk with Barrett and our family dog, Annie. I put her in the back of my Jeep and we met Barrett over at the park to get a good walk in. She had such a good time she refused to get out of my car when we got back home.


After taking a quick shower, I made some coffee and enjoyed an easy breakfast of fresh blueberries, eggs, avocado, and spinach. I knew I had a long day of studying ahead of me so I immediately got to work.


I set up a pallet on my bedroom floor next to the window, hoping natural light would power me through!


A couple of hours later, I was hungry again so I made a quick snack of pineapple and more blueberries and grabbed a sparkling water to wake me up a bit.


Around 11:30 Danica called and said she needed some lunch at work, so I packed her a quick-lunch and brought it over to her. When I got back home I realized I was kind of hungry too so I made a curry turkey burger (just a Simple Truth turkey burger with garlic and curry powder) and cut it up over a bed of kale and spring mix. I topped it with Tessemae’s honey mustard. I could seriously just drink that stuff, its like liquid gold to me.


I went back to studying and next thing I knew I woke up and it was 4:30!! That means I had napped for  3 1/2 hours! I started freaking out because of all the study time I had lost but then I realized…maybe my body just needed the extra sleep!

I chugged some water and then opened up a bottle of kombucha to wake me up.


I went back to studying until Barrett came over around 6. He immediately went into nap mode and then I heard my parents downstairs come back from Chicago around 6:30. They said they wanted to go to White Squirrel Brewery for dinner and I didn’t argue! I needed another study break.

I ordered the beef burger with no mayo then I took off the bun once they brought it out to me. Barrett ordered the trio of brats! Everything was super tasty!


We ended the night at Bruster’s where Barrett and I split graham central station (my all time favorite!) and peanut butter cream in a waffle cone. Splitting anything with Barrett usually means he gets 75% and I get 25% haha. Which was fine with me because I was stuffed from dinner!


We thought it was sooo funny that it looked like a baby cone, haha!


I went to bad around 11, excited for church the next morning!

I woke up around 8:15 and noticed my parents sitting on the back porch, soaking up the morning sun. I went outside to talk to them a little before getting ready for church.

My dad had some work to do around the house so my mom and I went to church together! The homily / sermon was beautiful. I was crying big time. This weeks gospel was the gospel of Matthew 6. I’ve talked about this one on the blog but you know it’s a good one. It talks all about how there is no sense in worrying, God  will always take care of you. Then Fr. Bob went into to discuss the 3 things that will secure our spots in Heaven.

  1. Pick a flower from the field while you are in church, and hold on to it. By flower he means, pick a line from a song, pick a line from a prayer, anything…just hold on to how it makes you feel and the power it holds in the church.
  2.  Let your body be a servant to your soul. This one is harder to do and a good example of what it means in the Orthodox church when we fast. We have to let our soul’s guide us. We cannot bend to what the body wants.
  3. Be thankful for times of trouble and tribulation, for that means God is working directly in your life. This one resonates with me so well since school feels like one big tribulation. But when God is working in my life, I know He is making my stronger.

So thank you Fr. Bob for the most beautiful sermon! My mom was handing me tissue after tissue after he finished, hah!

After church we booked it to Starbucks for coffee and breakfast sandwiches. I enjoyed their new gluten-free Canadian bacon and egg sandwich with a grande pike place roast.


After Starbucks we went to SAMS club to basically buy the whole store…

When we got home I cut into a white peach to eat and it was pure deliciousness. So juicy!


Barrett came over to take another nap. Yes, that boy loves to just come over and nap! hah!

While Barrett was napping, my whole family decided to go looking at houses since moving has been on my parents radar lately. The verdict: we absolutely love our house and cannot picture living anywhere else.

We got home a couple of hours later. It was 4:30 which seemed like a reasonable to time to start drinking! Wine and cheese for me while my mom and I prepped dinner.


This is the absolute BEST cheese. And my favorite wine is Roscato!


While dinner was cooking, we all sat outside enjoying the nice and quiet evening.

For dinner we had roasted sweet potatoes, roasted carrots, and roasted brussels sprouts, a beet and cucumber salad, watermelon, and pork loin made in the Instant-pot. Family dinners are my absolute favorite. I love when everyone sits down and enjoys the food together and we talk about our lives.


After dinner Danica and I ran some errands and then I came home and ate this applesauce thing for dessert while talking with my parents outside. I am 98% that this is meant for small children to eat, oh well, look at those ingredients!


Annie really wanted some!

Well, that was my weekend! It was peaceful, relaxing, and filled with wonderful food!

See you Wednesday!