friday favorites

Good and Happy Friday morning to ya! It’s Friday and I am really trying to get myself back on my weekly blogging game. So, in order to keep things interesting around here I have another Friday Favorites for you! These are all of my favorite things this week.


PRAMĀSANA scalp care


For the past 2 years I have had the weirdest hair and scalp issues. My hair always ends up being oily and itchy/dandruffy after just one wash. Sometimes it gets so itchy I just take a Benadryl because I can’ take it anymore. I have been on the hunt for a product to really improve my hair and scalp and I think I finally found it! I have always heard people talk highly of Aveda products and since my sister works at a salon that sells Aveda, we thought it was time I finally tried out their scalp care collection. So far I am loving these two products! They literally cool down your scalp and leave it feeling tingly and fresh. PLus, they smell yummy and are all natural and organic. My hair is also super dry, so I am excited to try out their Dry Remady collection.



Watermelon season is finally here! And our first watermelon pick for the family was a huge success: dark pink and super juicy! It was the perfect treat to come home to from work last night. I love snacking on watermelon while dinner is cooking and after dinner! Watermelon is a great source for extra hydration!

Family game night

I absolutely love when all of my family is home at the same time for dinner. The other night everyone was home and no one had to be at work or a friend’s house so we all sat around after dinner playing cards. We also blared music the whole time, each picking a song to listen to. I’m talking everything from J Cole to Johnny Cash, haha! Nights like those will always be the sweetest memory to me.

Men’s Long Lasting Wide Stick Deodorant 

I have been on the hunt for the perfect deodorant and I think I may have found it! I’ll be honest, I sweat… a lot. Between running around for my 2 jobs, Crossfit, and stressing about school, sweating is bound to happen. I wanted a more natural deodorant and this meets the criteria. It is a men’s deodorant but I feel like they always make men’s deodorant stronger to hold up with all of their sweat…just what I need! I chose the mountain spring scent and it really does smell super, super good! I got it at Kroger on sale for $4.50.


(I will spare you any pictures of me and my retainer hah!)

The other day I had a ton of studying to do and it was one of the situations where I was finding every reason NOT to study. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and saw my retainer in the back of our vanity, slowly collecting dust. I figured it was the perfect time to clean it up real nice. I also flossed for the first time in forever because I wanted more time to kill before studying. (I also ended up just cleaning the whole bathroom. I love realizing all the things I need to clean when I have more important stuff I should be doing!)

And yes mom, I did end up studying for like 4 hours after that. ok love you.

Alright friends, I hope you enjoy your Friday and your weekend. My weekend will be filled with studying since I have my first Anatomy midterm Monday.

*cue the emoji with the giant, worried eyes*

Wish me luck! I’ll try to have a recap for you Monday!