food inspiration for you

This week is flying by and I somehow feel like I haven’t gotten much done. I have been a little absent from here lately, sorry about that. Between working 2 part-time jobs, taking summer classes, and spending time with my family and Barrett, the last thing I want to do it stare at a computer screen.

But this morning…I felt like blogging! I have a ton of pictures piled up on my phone of some food inspiration for you. I’ll do my best to explain what things are and how I made them. Enjoy!

Breakfast has been a lot of eggs, spinach, and either bacon or sausage from Applegate. I also used THIS RECIPE to make sugar-free/gluten-free banana muffins. They turned out pretty good!


I also had the All American breakfast at Corner Bakery with Barrett last week. I stuck to my usual eggs and bacon and handed my toast over to Barrett. The food here wasn’t too bad but it was cold by the time they gave it to us.

I promise I eat more than just breakfast food, it’s just the only meal I really remember to take a picture of. hah! On the left is spinach, brussels sprouts, sausage, and Kerrygold cheese. On the right is kale, plantains, sausage, and eggs.


Barrett and I had a Panera lunch date last week. I got the 1/2 order of a chicken cobb salad. We also split a raspberry thumbprint cookie.


Lunches have also included either a salmon or turkey burger over some spinach with Tessemae’s honey mustard and ketchup and some sort of carb. I found the ketchup and mustard on sale 2/$7.00 at Meijer!


For dinner one night my mom made the Alaskan salmon and rice and I made the cauliflower and kale. For the kale I chopped it thinly and added it to a pan with garlic and olive oil. Once the kale was wilted down I added in more olive oil, prosciutto that’s been in our fridge forever, and some salt and pepper. For the salmon, I think my mom used a brown sugar/soy sauce blend. For the cauliflower I just used butter, salt and pepper, and garlic. Roast that for 30 minutes at 400 and BAM, so good.


So this is a terrible picture, but our kitchen provides the WORST lighting at night. I used Simple Mills almond flour pizza crust and topped it with 1/2 a jar of red pesto, organic mozzarella, tomatoes, fresh basil, and prosciutto. It was pretty tasty!


It was also enjoyed with 1 (or 3) glasses of wine!


Last weekend Barrett took me to 643 where we shared pulled pork nachos, a veggie pizza, and some bratwurst sliders with sweet potato fries. I left happy, but with a bloated stomach ache thanks to all the grease. Well worth it for a date with my guy.


Not food, but how beautiful are these cocktails we got a couple of weekends ago at 5th & Taylor? Barrett and I met up with his brother Ben and sister-in-law Amanda, and his other brother Brian and girlfriend Rachael. The food here was amazing but I didn’t take any pictures! You should definitely make a reservation next time you are in Nashville. Our waiter told us the menu changes daily. I don’t think you could order anything bad here. I experienced my first duck liver mousse and beef tartare. I love that Barrett’s family is so adventurous with food because it allows me to try things I would never even think to order!

That’s all I have today friends. I’ll see you here Friday with some Friday Favorites!