Weekend of Birthdays

Hello and Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. We had 2 big celebrations this weekend…my mom and my dad! My dad had a birthday Friday and my mom had her birthday on Sunday. They are 2 days apart born in the same year, it’s like they were meant to be or something. 😉

Let’s back it up to Friday. I started my day with some paleo Shepard’s pie. I made this recipe for work on Tuesday and I thought it looked so good that I made it for my family on Thursday evening. Leftovers for the win!


A couple hours later I ate half a yogurt…


The next couple of hours were spent with my mom and  Danica while Danica got her Senior pictures taken. After her pictures we went to my mom’s office so she could work on something for a little bit and then we went to Taste of Europe for lunch.



I had the moussaka with greek salad! It was insanely good. The food there is so fresh and authentic.

We spent the rest of Friday snuggled up watching Jane the Virgin until my dad came home for his birthday dinner.


We had bacon hamburgers on pretzel buns. I forgot to take a picture but just think about the best hamburger of your life, multiply it by 435326 and that was how good this hamburger was. Next, presents!


Friday night ended with a donut from GADS and some chocolate milk!

Saturday began with lots of coffee and some errands with my mom around town. We spent most of the day watching Netflix, so lets skip to Saturday night.


We went to India Oven for my parents birthday dinner. We all ordered different dishes and I can’t remember what we all got, but it was all incredible!


FullSizeRender 2

After dinner, we went home to enjoy some HOMEMADE vanilla/hazelnut cake made by Danica and coffee ice cream. Danica did such a good job on this cake. Everything was made from scratch, even the chocolate shavings!


47 candles!


My Juju (mom’s dad) used to pull ears for how ever old you are and since he is passed away now (Memory Eternal) we pull our own ears. My mom and dad pulled each other’s ears 47 times.


My mom opened up her presents Saturday (since Sunday was going to be busy) while we ate some cake!


Sunday was mostly spent at Church.  After getting back from church around 3, my parents and I watched a movie. Around 7, I headed over to Barrett’s to eat Indian leftovers and I fell asleep shortly after.

Today begins my summer courses so wish me luck! I’ll be studying pretty much every day for the next month!