Weekly Recap

Good morning lovely humans! How was your week? Mine was stressful. So, so stressful. School will be finished in about 3 weeks and I will get a nice little break before summer classes pick up in June.

I thought I would share a little insight into my week since I haven’t done that a lot lately. I am so excited for the summer so that I can take more pictures and share more content with you all!

First things first…I cut off all my hair. Last Friday I decided I wanted a big change so I decided cutting off all my hair seemed reasonable. THANK YOU Madison for doing such a good job. Pam, if you are reading this…you are still the only person I trust with my eyebrows ❤


Saturday morning we had a beautiful Holy Saturday service and then Saturday my mom and I ran around making carrot cake, bacon buns, doing errands, and decorating the Church’s fellowship hall for Pascha. Our Pascha service began around 10 that night and ended around 1 am with a HUGE Pascha feast. We got home around 2:30 that morning and all immediately fell asleep. My mom and I woke up around 8 that morning and started putting together a brunch for everyone. We made a vegetable egg bake with sausage, a potato and ham egg bake, nut rolls, fruit salad, and mimoas. It was such a great morning!

Monday and Tuesday I had to work in the evening, so I spent all my free time during the day studying as much as I could. Studying wouldn’t be the same without some snacks. I picked up some tea and crackers on my way to the library and I woke up early one morning to enjoy a quiet breakfast while I studied.


So I have been eating the egg casserole we made on Easter everyday this week it is THAT GOOD and it is SO EASY. I think I will make it again and eat it this week so I can share the recipe with you all.


My sweet momma surprised me with some sourdough rolls (my favorite!) and my absolute favorite granola bar made by a local place in town. JD bakery used to be a local cafe in town but they closed down. You can still get their homemade goods at Rian’s Fatted calf! I haven’t had a chance to go to Crossfit this week so I have been squeezing in quick HITT workouts at home. I enjoyed that granola bar after a treadmill circuit.


I have been enjoying this salad for lunch on repeat lately. It is just spring mix, organic rotisserie chicken, cucumber, and a basic vinaigrette.  It is so good, easy, and delicious!


I spent Wednesday – Saturday morning with some quiet time ❤


On Friday I found out I didn’t too so great on my test (I cried) but anyways…I did some retail therapy at Target and all was well. Barrett even took me to dinner so I could wear my new top!


And Saturday began with protein waffles smothered in Gone Nuts almond butter and maple syrup!


I hope you all had a great week! I cannot wait until the summer!!