black bean burger salad


This salad is super easy and can be thrown together in under 5 minutes! (10 minutes if you do not cook the burger beforehand)

I used a Hilary’s Black Bean burger (found in the health section at Kroger). I love this brand of veggie burgers because it is made with minimal and REAL ingredients. No artificial, weird stuff here.

I also dressed the salad in Bragg’s salad dressing which is also easily found in the health section at Kroger or the salad dressing aisle at Meijer. Bragg’s also makes their dressing with very simple ingredients.

This salad is also packed with protein from the black bean burger (4g) and the hemp seeds (around 4g per tablespoon).

(I found my hemp seeds at Aldi!)


black bean burger salad [serves 1]

Cook black bean burger according to directions. Throw the rest of the ingredients (except the mustard) in a bowl. Mix. and top with black bean burger and spicy mustard.