Wonderful Week


It’s Saturday!! I hope you all had an amazing week and if not, well, it’s the weekend now and you can always start fresh tomorrow morning!

This week was full of yummy food and hanging out with my family. I had a terrible week last week with test after test. (Except I did get to meet Hannah Kerr from Kerrageously Made!! That was exciting! She is the sweetest!!)

Since last week was so jam-packed, I decided that this past week needed to be nice and slow and all about some much-needed self-care.

Spinach, egg, sweet potato, broccoli, and mushroom bowl with kraut.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t do much school work. I just didn’t feel like it! I’ll be spending some time on homework this weekend and will pick back up with more studying next week. But this past week, I just didn’t want to think about school. I wanted to just, be. And that’s OK! I think we put too much pressure on ourselves when it comes to school.

Same as above, I just had some yummy jelly and ghee sprouted toast on the side. 

I have been feeling pretty good lately! I woke up feeling a little funky Thursday but I just spent most of the day catching up on sleep and I was good to go by Friday.

PB and B oats with some honey and dark chocolate

I didn’t have to work this week so I got to spend a little more time at church, more time with my family, and more time with Barrett! Last Sunday I made a bunch of vegetables and some salmon for my family to eat for dinner.


I also made a bunch of sweet potatoes to eat throughout the week. On Monday after my run, I topped a sweet potato with turkey, mushrooms, and an egg.


On Tuesday we had tacos at my house for dinner. TACOsaladTUESDAY as I like to call it. We made a really good vegetarian mixture of beans, corn, and riced cauliflower to add to the tacos.


I also have been chugging kombucha like it’s my job. I also went to Zest Juice on Friday to pick up a couple of juices. The one in the picture is “Midnight Elixir” with apples, lemon, ginger, and activated charcoal. I have been trying to drink/eat everything I can in order not to get sick again.

Barrett and I have gotten to go on several, fun, “mini” dates. Tuesday we went to Spencer’s for lattes and granola bars. And Wednesday I made us an almond flour pizza while we cleaned his apartment. Cleaning his apartment may sound like no fun, but cleaning is literally one of my absolute favorite activities. (…I recognize I am a weird human being)

We also spent Thursday evening watching Suits with a bowl of popcorn I popped in coconut oil and pink Himalayan salt.


I also ate some PB&J toast for breakfast the other morning. I have been loving this jelly lately! And this peanut butter will always be my favorite. It only has one ingredient…PEANUTS.


I also downed this smoothie after my run the other day. It had spinach, frozen riced cauliflower, Advocare green snack shake in chocolate, cacao powder, Amazing Grass superfood blend (I got it at Target for $12!!), ice, unsweetened almond milk, and Siggi’s probiotic yogurt. 


I hope you all have an amazing weekend! I have got Church this morning since it is Lazarus Saturday in the Orthodox Church. Tomorrow is Palm Sunday and next week is holy week and then just like that…Pascha! You can read more about Lazarus Saturday HERE.

xx ❤