Vegetables Do Not Equal “Healthy”

Happy Monday lovely humans!! Today’s blog post was inspired by one of my sweetest friends at Church that I was talking to on Sunday. We were talking about “healthy” eating and I told her about what I ate on Saturday and she was like, “You need to put this on your blog so people know it is OK not to eat 100% clean all the time!”


I totally agreed with her.

On Saturday, I think I ate 1/2 a serving of vegetables. And guess what? I am still here. My skin still glows and I didn’t gain 10+ lbs.

I think a lot of the time people assume eating healthy means eating 100% clean food all the freakin time. No white bread, no ice cream, no pizza, no chips, no anything that does not resemble fruit or vegetables.

Well I am here to tell you that this is not the case. My eating has changed so much over the course of 5 years. I went from eating fried foods all the time, to eating nothing but salads and egg whites, to how I eat now…which is everything! There is not one food I can think of where I am like, “Nope. Not eating that! It’s unhealthy.” Sure, there are foods I choose not to eat, like a McDonald’s hamburger or pasta at Olive Garden. But I only don’t eat those food because I genuinely do NOT like them. If I liked pasta, I would eat pasta! But I don’t so I choose to eat foods I DO LIKE.

These past few years have helped me realize how much of an emphasis is placed on food. Don’t get me wrong, I love food! I love thinking about food, concocting new recipes in my head, or thinking about what I am going to eat at a restaurant. There is nothing wrong with thoughts like that. When things start to get unhealthy is when I start stressing out about what to eat at a resturaunt because they don’t have any “safe” foods or I don’t eat dinner with my family because I “can’t have white bread.”

These types of thoughts are UNHEALTHY.

So on Saturday, let me just tell you what I ate. I ate a protein bar for breakfast. Veggie Pizza and chips for lunch. A couple of cookie dough protein bites for a snack. Some granola for a snack. A glass of wine in the middle of the afternoon. A pork BLT and fries for dinner. And a bunch of chocolate and cookies for dessert with Barrett.


In the past, I would have felt so guilty for my day of eats. Like, I would have gotten extreme anxiety. I realized on Saturday that I finally and truly listened to what my body CRAVED.

There are some days where all I want is a green smoothie for breakfast and vegetables for lunch and dinner but Saturday my body was like “GIVE ME ALL THE CARBS”.

And I am OK with that. And you should be too.

We are only human. We are not meant to be perfect.

So eat fries. Eat kale. Eat chocolate and stop placing such an emphasis on food.

Food is fun!