Self-Care Saturday

Happy Weekend! Classes begin on Monday and although I am already involved in a Chemistry class online through the community college, I wanted to make my last Saturday of “freedom” a good one. So, I present to you….


This morning I woke up at 9 am (a rare occurrence since I am usually up no later than 6!) I went downstairs only to find out I was home alone. I took advantage of the beautiful weather and a quiet house and made myself some bulletproof coffee. I combined 1 TBSP of ghee, 1 TBSP brain octane, and 1 scoop collagen peptides to about 12 oz of coffee. I grabbed my new book “Deep Nutrition” by Dr. Catherine Shanahan and went to lay outside.


This book is amazing so far. I heard about it when I listened to a talk by Dr. Cate on Bulletproof Radio. I love that this is NOT A DIET book but a book that emphasizes the importance of REAL FOOD and REAL NUTRITION.

I spent a couple hours outside until I started to feel hungry. I had skipped breakfast since I really was not feeling all that hungry. Now, skipping breakfast is not ideal but my bulletproof coffee has plenty of fats and protein to keep me satiated for a while. For lunch I decided to re-heat a grass-fed burger we had last night with some turmeric sweet potato fries, avocado, kraut, and Tessemae’s creamy ranch dressing all over some spinach.


This meal was legit insane, I could eat it again and again!

After lunch I decided to take our family dog Annie on a walk. I can’t get over the weather today! Although I love rain/snow and temperatures below 40, I decided to take advantage of the 60 degree weather and spend as much time outside as I could.

I am trying really hard to put my goal of “being more present” to use. I listened to a podcast by Bulletproof Radio about rebuilding the body on the cellular level while I was walking. I always forget how peaceful walking can be. When I used to run all the time, I found walking to be excruciatingly boring. Now that I don’t run as much and have been practicing being more present, I find walks to be calming and relaxing.

Unfortunately I have to work tonight, but until then I plan on reading more of my book, plowing through some chemistry homework, drinking some green tea, and putting on my chlorophyll face mask from Cocokind.

Show yourself some self-care today! You deserve it!!