The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Merry Christmas Friends! How crazy is this weather?! The windows are open at my house.

I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends. I know I had a great (and dramatic) time with my family on Christmas morning. (Dramatic in that I always seem to cry every Christmas. It never fails)

Saturday I had to work most of the afternoon and into the evening so I didn’t get to spend much time with my family. But, I did manage to make it to the middle of our Christmas eve liturgy. We had a huge festal potluck afterwards and it was so nice to be able to spend some time with my church family. The Christmas eve liturgy usually starts at 11 but this year it started around 7:30 which was nice since it allowed my family and I to go home and watch our traditional Christmas movie. This year we chose the Santa Clause and within 30 minutes we had all fallen asleep. I think we were all exhausted.

Christmas morning I got up around 6 and my dad took me to go let the dogs out that I have been watching all week. Once we got home, I made some coffee and turned on A Christmas Story while I waited for the rest of my family to make their way downstairs. Once everyone was up, we looked through our stockings and ate homemade cinnamon rolls/nut rolls and fruit. Instead of addressing who each gift is to, my mom likes to pick out different wrapping papers for the 3 kids and we find out which paper is our through a small cutout of the paper in the bottom of our stockings on Christmas morning.

In the above picture I am holding what might be one of the best gifts ever from my dad. He monogrammed a cutting board with my blog logo on it so that I could take pictures of my food and make healthy things. I love that guy. I sobbed uncontrollably for 10 minutes.

After opening presents we made our way up to Louisville to see my family and have a Christmas dinner. Instead of taking pictures, I decided to just enjoy the company of my family!

Funny story: sometimes the spoiled, immature side of me comes out. I don’t know why and I don’t know how but every Christmas I spend a good 20 minutes being a 5-year-old brat who didn’t get her way. This is not something I am proud of! Anyways, I had been asking for a diffuser for 2 years now and on Christmas morning my sister unwrapped a diffuser. I maybe,sorta,kinda got super upset that she had gotten one when I had never even heard her talk about them before. I spent the next 20 minutes pouting and being stubborn. (I know, I know…I am super immature sometimes) My mom kept saying she “forgot” which one of us asked for a diffuser, which only made me more upset. So, a couple presents later…I opened up a diffuser. I immediately started laughing because of how ridiculous I was being and here was a diffuser that my mom had also gotten me. Needless to say, my family thinks I am crazy.

Here is the lesson I learned for the millionth time on Christmas: these gifts do not matter. Sure, it is nice to receive presents but I think we all know the real reason for the season. Our Main Man, Jesus Christ.

I get so caught up in the rush of giving and getting presents that I forget to slow down and enjoy this time I do have with my family. We wouldn’t even be celebrating anything if it weren’t for the humble birth of our Lord.

So, here’s to being human and acting a bit spoiled sometimes. It is only another reminder that I am not perfect. He is. I can only ask for forgiveness and pray.

Have a blessed day!