WIAW: Having a Healthy Mindset

Hi Friends! Happy Wednesday. I wanted to give you a peek into my eats lately and also share with you some of my thoughts on having a “healthy mindset.” For the past couple weeks, I have been in a weird slump. You can read all about that a couple posts ago.

Any who… this week has been different! Which is great!

Cup of oats on the way home from Nashville. 
So, here are some steps I have come up with when you need a mindset change.


Step 1: Start the day with Jesus. I have said this over and over again and here lately, I have been neglecting to connect with Him. I have been trying to pray a lot more, asking God to help me love the woman He created me to be.

Step 2: Eat something you love. I love ice cream more than the next person, but I LOVE to eat healthy things. They make me feel better about the skin I’m in. Does that make sense? So eat something that makes you feel good.

Step 3: Wear something YOU love. I feel like as a female, there are so many days where you are just “uncomfortable” in your clothes. I have those day a lot. This week, I decided to wear things that made me feel comfortable and confident. Shoutout to Barrett for giving me this super cute top. It is super comfy and makes me feel good! No shame in that.


Step 4: Smile. I have a face that naturally looks ticked off. I don’t know why! Maybe it’s because I am an introvert but over the years so many people have asked me “What’s wrong?” and I am like “Nothing? This is just my face.” Haha! This week, I have tried to smile at random people on campus and to my surprise, they have smiled back! Yay!


Step 5: Surround yourself with positive people. I used to feel slightly embarrassed that my family members were my BFF’s. I love spending time with them and they make me happy, so why should I feel embarrassed for that? And of course, I love to spend time with Barrett. This kid knows how to brighten my darkest days.

And lastly, Step 6: Do things that make you happy. I literally LOVE grocery stores. I could stroll the aisles forever checking out every item and reading the nutrition labels. I know it’s weird, but I don’t care. Barrett took me to the Turnip Truck the other night, which is a healthy grocery store in Nashville, and I was in foodie heaven!


Alright folks, I have given you 6 steps to obtaining a healthy mindset this week and get you out of whatever slump you may be in. I would love to know what things you already do to get out of a negative mood.

Enjoy the rest of your week!