What I Ate This Week

Hi Friends! I have been so busy these last few weeks with school, work, and making sure that Barrett and I get to see each other at least a couple of times each week that I have been completely neglecting the blog. Every time I open up WordPress to start a new post, I get distracted or realize I have homework due, etc.


Today though, is a new day, its Saturday, and I have a week’s worth of food to share with you all. I hope they inspire you to get in your own kitchen and realize healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated and deciding whether you should have some chocolate should always be a “yes” and never an option.

img_2349For breakfast on Wednesday I had a big bowl of greek yogurt, almond butter, a fugi apple, cinnamon, granola, and some pumpkin spice Cheerios. Super filling and super tasty! It took roughly 3 minutes to throw this together in the morning.

img_2355On Thursday morning I was up super early to get some Anatomy studying in so I had some oatmeal with cinnamon, butter, and banana. I ended up only eating a couple bites of this because I was so full after a little bit of it and I didn’t want to be too full for the run I was going to take before class.

img_2361One day this week I stopped at Starbucks for a peach tea and picked up this KIND bar as a snack.

img_2360I know this is weird, but I had dinner leftovers for breakfast one morning. I was craving savory and this did the trick. The night before we had rice with butternut squash and some beef/spice ball things (I don’t know how to describe them haha) and I topped it with Tessemae’s creamy ranch. SO GOOD I TELL YOU.

I also had some bulletproof coffee on the side. 1 tbsp each  Kerrygold butter and coconut oil went into the blender with 8 0z of coffee along with some cinnamon!

fullsizerenderI went to Nashville on Wednesday and the lovely Barrett whipped me up some of his killer guacamole. I also picked up some brisket at a natural food store to eat with it! Unpictured: 25631 chips.

img_2358This is what my breakfast leftovers came from. Super good dinner prepared by my beautiful mom. (Those rolls are homemade too. Bless her.)


My mom also made a beef cabbage stew on Tuesday night. She is the absolute greatest folks. She always, always tries to provide our family with healthier options for dinner. I mean, the woman just bought half a cow so we could all eat grass-fed, organic, natural meat for a year. I love it.


So on Monday I was puking my guts out (literally) and on Tuesday all I wanted was vegetables and comfort food. For lunch I had a spinach/avocado salad with a cup of tomato soup topped with goldfish.

img_2368And to finish off this great/tiring week, I made some pizza dough yesterday afternoon so that my family and I could make some homemade pizzas for dinners. Veggies for the win!

Unpictured: 2 s’mores eaten by the fire with peanut butter cups instead of chocolate. Because peanut butter ❤

Moral of the story: Eat spinach, eat peanut butter, eat goldfish, eat apples. Eat whatever you want because we only get one chance at life and I refuse to live a life where I can’t put goldfish on my tomato soup and peanut butter cups on my s’mores.