Food + Life + Stomach Bug

Hi Friends! I am feeling slightly more positive about life then my previous post. It’s pretty amazing what happens when you literally “Let Go and Let God.”


Anyways, this past weekend I traveled to Pennsylvania for my Aunt Mildred’s 90th Birthday. I spent Thursday night with Barrett eating amazing Indian food, then I drove from Nashville to Louisville to make the drive to West Virginia with my Aunt Kati and her 2 kids. Since I just so happened to be in Louisville around lunch time, I booked it to my beloved Whole Foods.


Saturday we made our way to this super cute/family owned restaurant in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Saturday night ended with pizza and getting to talk with some family I had never met before. We woke up early Sunday morning to make the drive back to Louisville so I could get my car. Danica and I drove back to BG together and I anxiously waited for Barrett to show up at my house. We ate hot dogs around the fire pit and I literally went to sleep at 7:30. It was glorious.


However…I woke up with the worst cramps/pains in my stomach ever and needless to say, spend most of the day in the bathroom. The stomach virus is no joke. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. It’s almost 8 now and I have officially held down some toast for about an hour and a half, success! Unfortunately, my aunt and her 2 kids are super sick too so there must have been some bug in the air on the trip back.

I am ready to get back to normal and get back to a routine.

Hope you all have a great week! And remember, no matter who wins the election tomorrow, God has a plan for everything.