I feel like things are not in my favor these days. I am questioning everything. Do I really want to suffer through these science classes? Can I be a Dietitian? Where do I want this blog to go? Am I eating OK? Do I look OK?  Why don’t I look like her? Etc.

Some of these questions are new, some are old, and some are on a constant repeat in my head.

I’ll be 21 in a couple of months and I can already tell my 20’s will be filled with SO. MUCH. EMOTION. And questions, lots and lots of questions.

I keep telling myself, “It’s going to be OK, God has a plan for you”

But, I’m not really doing anything to help push that plan into motion.

I’m not studying like I should be. I’m not praying like I should be. I’m avoiding putting anything on this blog like it’s the plague.

What am I so afraid of? (Another question…)

Is this what it’s supposed to be like at this age? Am I supposed to feel like I am on a deserted island somewhere screaming “SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE ME?”

(I am clearly not dramatic or anything)

The truth is, I don’t know the answer to any of these questions I have right now.

Is this post depressing? It’s totally depressing. But I don’t feel like being super perky and upbeat today.

This blog should represent me and today I don’t feel particularly chipper.

And if you aren’t feeling to great either, just know you aren’t alone.

Tomorrow will be different.