The Weekend That Felt Like Fall

That was a long title?

Sorry not sorry.

Anyways, this weekend was one of the best. Let’s pretend like the weekend started back on Thursday. I made this super-filling lunch of organic bacon, sausage, veggies, and eggs plus a side of apples.


After I got off work that evening, Barrett came to Bowling Green so we could go to the BEN SOLLEE concert. He was AMAZING. We both hadn’t eaten dinner yet so we left the concert when it was about half-way over to grab some food at Que Beunos. We then went back to the concert just in time to get a CD signed and  a picture with Ben Sollee himself.


…Sadly I don’t have that picture with me!

Friday I had to be up bright and early to help out our Priest’s wife at church. He was out-of-town and she is a teacher so I came over early to help get her children on the bus and ready for school.

I had a couple of classes and then headed into a very over-whelming shift at work. Once I got off work around 8, I drove to Nashville to see Barrett. I also packed a curry-turkey burger, sweet potatoes, and broccoli for the road.


YOU GUYS, the other night I was telling Barrett that I have always wanted to eat one of those fancy donuts people always post on Instagram and stuff. So, when I got to Nashville on Friday, he had TWO different “fancy” donuts waiting for me. And they were Vegan/GF. Bless Him. They were Pumpkin and Carrot Cake. My two favorite flavors ever.


I think I’ll keep him.

We cozied up with the donuts, some tea, and talked about our week. It was great. He’s the best. After the donuts, he took me to see the new house his brother just bought. Basically it is the house of my dreams. Like straight out of Architectural Digest or something. SO PRETTY.

We both fell asleep pretty quickly and woke up around 9 Saturday morning. It felt so nice to sleep in. The weather was GORGEOUS. We decided to go to Bagel Face Bakery for breakfast. I got the sweet potato bagel with PB, banana, and honey and Barrett got the everything bagel with egg, spinach, and feta. And their coffee was excellent. Please go here if you like carbs and are ever in Nashville.



He then took me to the Turnip Truck, a less-pretentious/ more-affordable “Whole Foods” like store because he knows my love for grocery stores. (I don’t deserve him…)

Then I begged him to take me to Trader Joe’s so I could buy all the pumpkin things in the land.


We also went to see the Parthenon and be all touristy and such.





Barrett doesn’t like when people litter.

He had to be back in Bowling Green early in the afternoon so on my way back to BG I stopped at The Urban Juicer. I picked up the “Green Machine.” It was pretty good but they didn’t blend it up and it had weird chunks of banana in it. Plus, it was way too sweet. I think I would go back and just order something different.


Saturday I hung out with my family and Barrett and ate some amazing bacon burgers (that I forgot to snap a picture of)? I ate mine bun-less on a bed of local, organic spring mix with some avocado oil potato chips.

Sunday I did the usual Sunday school, church thing and then Barrett and I went to Wild Eggs. I got the Surfer Girl omelette minus the sour cream and cream cheese and Barrett got a GIANT burrito. We also split a pumpkin pancake because how could we not? I also finished off the whole pot of coffee they leave at the table. I consider that an accomplishment.


The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to get as much time as I could with my main man. I will miss him like crazy this week, I just know it. How do people do long-distance relationships? I can barely do the 1 hour to Nashville.


I’m not needy…


And to end the evening, I am doing homework with some of my favorite people. ❤


Have the best week!