Remember Me?

So, um, Hi. It’s been a while…

Life is c.r.a.z.y right now. Between school, work, church, more school, working out, and spending as much time with Barrett on the weekends as I can, life has been nuts.

Let’s rewind back to sometime last week when this happened:

I underbaked them so basically I was the only who actually like these. I loved how doughy it was!

I have also been eating eggs, bacon, and kale like it’s going out if style.

With Barrett officially in Nashville all week, I not only miss him like crazy Monday – Friday, but I also forget to take picture when we are together Saturday and Sunday. Which means, I don’t really have any pictures from the weekend.

But we did go to Mellow Mushroom on Friday night and had some sort of Thai chicken pizza. It was so good! I ate a leftover slice with some spinach the next day for lunch.


I had to work every night from Thursday – Monday so there are not a lot of dinner pictures either. I am really slacking on this whole “blog” thing…

Anyways, here are some pictures of my lunches at school! It’s been mostly a bed of greens with either sliced turkey, a turkey burger, shredded BBQ chicken, or a salmon patty. I love using Tessemae’s lemon garlic dressing. All the ingredients are things you can easily recognize and there are no preservatives!

One day my mom and I ran on campus and then headed to MexOut for lunch. It was super good but I was disappointed in the teaspoon of guac they gave me. The people at Chipotle always give me like a cup.


Snacks have varied a lot. It’s been mostly LaraBars and dehydrated apple chips.

One day I had this amazingness eaten on the floor of the science building…no shame.


And today I whipped up this ugly (but tasty) Pumpkin Pie smoothie:


After I finished my run I went downstairs to throw some pumpkin, half a banana, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, chia seeds, ice, and almond milk in the blender. Then I drank it while walking on the treadmill so I could finish watching my show on Netflix. I’m weird.

Also, I really love this song right now. I know it’s not new or anything but I always forget how much I love Dr. Dog until I hear them again.

P.S. Danica said Pandora is “uncool” and Spotify is “cool” but I have had this Pandora account since 7th grade so I’m holding on!


Oh and P.P.S Danica snapped this picture of us studying and wanted me to include it on here 🙂


Hopefully this inspired you to eat something healthy, eat something chocolatey, and listen  to Pandora?

Ok, Bye!