Freshman 15 is a JOKE.

Everyone has heard of the dreaded Freshman 15. Girls are warned by older friends, family, and whoevertheymeet about the lovely 15+ lbs you gain when you go away to college.

But guess what? I have a secret for you. And this is the kind of secret I don’t care if you tell anyone. You should tell EVERYONE….

Freshman 15 is one big joke/scam/lie/pieceofcrap.


Here’s what sparked my mom (since she really noticed it first) and I’s sudden realization:


This picture popped up on my Facebook saying the “memory” was 3 years old that day. My mom and I were both like “three years already??” As you can see, I am definitely tinier then I am now. (I was also recovering from an eating disorder, but that’s a whole different talk for a whole different day)

Anyways…our realization!

That’s me with a GIRL’S body.

Here’s me with a WOMAN’s body:


Sure, I’ve gained some weight since college has started. But this is me not restricting my meals, eating healthy when I can, enjoying ice cream too, and not obsessing about my weight. This is me transitioning into a WOMAN’S body. All the weight I have gained has been natural, healthy, and all in GOD’s plan for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I have A LOT of body struggle days. Perks of being female I suppose. But what I always tell myself is that I am working out, I am eating healthy, and I am doing everything I can maintain a healthy body that gets to have kids one day! I doubt my little girl’s body could carry a baby one day. Heck, I couldn’t even have my own period for 3 years! (Sorry for the TMI boys)


But seriously, I cannot say this enough, freshman 15 is normal, natural, and all apart of growing out of your little girl body days and getting to experience the awesomeness that is hips, thighs, and a little fat.

Fats a good thing people. I am pretty sure we couldn’t survive without a little fat on our bodies.

Here is another important lesson: Stop stressing about what you look like. If you gain some weight in college, go buy some new clothes.  If you want a Cookout milkshake at midnight with your sorority sisters, go get one! Embrace who you are and embrace what God (and ya momma) gave ya.

Oh and in case you didn’t already know, you are beautiful in every possible way.