Why Do We Question Our Self-Worth?


Seems like kind of a silly question I suppose. Maybe you never question your self-worth and maybe you have faith in yourself 100% of the time…teach me your ways!

But if you are anything like me, or human, you question yourself and your worth at some point or another.

So this week I have two HUGE tests on the same day, only a couple of hours between one another. Now, I know people have tests all the time but these tests are different for me. Up until this point in my college career I have told myself repeatedly, “Oh I don’t know the material, so why bother studying?” or “I am going to fail anyways, so what’s the point?”

I cannot remember the last time I was like, “Hey, I got this. This test will be a breeze.” I don’t think I have ever done that. I have always questioned myself, wondering how far I am willing to push my abilities and my knowledge.

The truth is, I am scared of failing.

I’m scared of getting a low GPA.

I’m scared of never getting that dietetic internship.

I’m scared of letting my parents down.

I’m scared of never being able to support my future family one day.

I’m so, so, so scared.

But here’s the thing, when I question my abilities, I question God’s ability to work through me. It’s so easy for me to forget that HE made me. HE gave me this brain (that may get easily distracted), these legs to walk me to class, and these hands to write down notes. HE has given me so much and what do I do with it? Question it. Stress it out. Fail to believe that maybe, just maybe, I can trust myself and trust that I can do it.

So if you are struggling with school, work, or family and questioning your self-worth, just remember: God made you. He made you to be strong and smart and to never question whether you are “just that stupid” or “just that dumb.” You aren’t, You are so much more.

Just have a little faith in yourself.

And a whole lotta faith in God.