Weekend Food

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I know I did! My weekend included: serving breakfast at Salvation Army, running WKU’s stadium, lots of homework, babysitting, a birthday party, and spending time with my favorite human.

Thursday night’s dinner started out with some local and organic (and HUGE) collard greens.


That wilted down to nothing…and tasted awful because I accidentally added too much garlic salt. Whoops.


Sorry for the scary picture, I had just finished running.

Anyway… the rest of dinner was dee-licious!


Friday night we had a ladies dinner for all the women at my church in honor of St. Anna.

So a bun-less burger, sweet potato, and a couple bites of cake were consumed.

Saturday morning started bright and early with the Salvation Army breakfast. Once that ended around 9, my mom and I went to run the WKU football stadium. I can’t believe I did this once a week for two years in high school. This was brutal!!! I hadn’t done this in almost 2 years.


I quickly downed a protein smoothie when I got home.

After a shower and working on homework for a couple of hours, my mom and I made THE BEST oatmeal cookies and watched the Kardashians with my sister until it was time to babysit.



A chicken salad and mini pumpkin pie blizzard were brought to me by THE BEST PARENTS EVER. That blizzard was insane. There were chunks of pie crust in there!

Sunday was busy with church, a birthday party, and homework. But that’s okay because I got to do all the above with my favorite human, Barrett!!!

After an intense workout this morning, I came home and made this breakfast (because I am addicted) and I ate this wonderful pork roast my mom made for lunch!



I am sorry this post was kind of lame and left out a lot of detail. I have got a lot of homework/studying to do so my mind is pretty scatterbrained right now.

Anyways, I hope these pictures inspired you to eat something healthy (and yes, ice cream is part of a HEALTHY diet of moderation)!!