Weekend Recap: Pennsylvania

I hope all of you had a wonderful Labor day weekend! My family and I headed up to Pennsylvania to visit my 90 and 92-year-old great aunts.

We left Friday evening and made our way up to Louisville to grab some food at Panera and hang out with my Aunt and Uncle for a little bit. Then we drove to Columbus and reached our hotel at about 1 in the morning. I was really looking forward to the next morning because I finally got to go to Alchemy Juice Bar + Cafe which is owned by one of my favorite blogger/dietitians, Hummusapien.


I got the Cherry Cheezecake smoothie bowl, my dad got the PB&J toast, my sister got The Rio smoothie bowl, and my mom got the Lemon Cashew Cheezecake toast. I bought a Matcha cashew mylk drink before I left so I could keep the bottle! All of the food was soooooo amazingly good. I get a little excited about eating healthy food…

After what felt like 97432 more hours in the car, we made it to my Aunt Mildred’s house. She had prepared lunch for us complete with fried chicken, potato salad, ham, rolls, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. She’s the cutest.


After catching up with her (and me crying every 5 seconds) we all drove over to my Aunt Mary’s house. It’s so funny listening to them joke with each other since they’re sisters.


Aunt Mary’s house is stuck in the 1970s. She also had pictures of me everywhere when I was a baby. I felt like a celeb.


I love that my mom is holding on to my chubby stomach. Thanks mom.

After we left Aunt Mary’s house (with a million little gifts and cookies because that’s how she rolls…) we checked in at our hotel.

IMG_1698I think Danica’s position describes how we all felt at this point. Why does sitting in a car make everyone so tired?

Yay to hotels with free coffee!


Once we rested up a bit, we drove to The Firepit for dinner. We started out with brisket nachos and my mom and I split a filet.



After we ate, we walked around the best Target ever for some things and then went back to the hotel. We were all so tired and asleep by 10:30!

The next morning we woke up super early so that we could pick up my Aunts to go to church at Holy Ascension.



This church was over 100 years old! My sister and I were the only ones under 40 and my parents were the only ones under 85… hah!

After church we hit up the Bob Evans, with all the other old folks in Youngwood, PA 🙂


How cute are they??

After Bob Evans, we went to the cemetery to see my great grandma Sophie and Aunt Mildred’s husband.


Danica and I clearly didn’t realize our dresses could flash someone at any minute.

After the cemetery we dropped of my Aunts and said our goodbyes. I cried for the 198th time. They are just so incredibly sweet.

We then started to make our way back home. We ended up in Dayton, Ohio for dinner. We ate at Dewey’s Pizza and this was seriously the best pizza I have ever eaten.


They put the tomatoes on after baking along with some fresh parsley. SO GOOD.

My mom and I also got split a side salad:


The pizza place was right next to a Coldstone Creamery. Coldstone is my favorite in all the land so I was looking forward to getting some ice cream. Well, there were a ton of people and only 2 workers so I told my mom we should probably just leave. I was incredibly disappointed we didn’t get ice cream (even though I was the one who suggested we leave) but since I am #spoiled, my mom and dad hunted down a Coldstone at the next exit. Bless them.

This picture is incredibly blurry, I just realized, but my ice cream was epic. PB ice cream, graham cracker pie crust, oreos, and fudge. And this was the small size!!


We ended up in Louisville around 11 to stay with my Aunt and Uncle. Once we caught up with them, I went to bed and slept until 9 the next morning.

I woke up to multiple cups of coffee and this lovely breakfast my aunt made me:


After spending the morning there and going to Nordstrom Rack we finally made it home! I unpacked all my stuff, showered off, ate some leftover pizza and went to see my favorite person in the whole world. It had been a full week since I had seen him and it was also his mom’s birthday! We had BBQ chicken, ribs, sweet potatoes, and a kale salad. Followed by butterscotch pie and a handful of M&Ms. Barrett and I then went on a walk and drove back to BG for a coffee treat.


I love that human!!!

I drove Barrett back to his parents and then I made it back to my parents and fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow.

After a super sweaty Crossfit workout this morning, I am ready for the week!

Have a great Tuesday!!