Friday Favorites

Happy Friday and Happy We-Survived-The-First-Week-Of School to all my fellow WKU people!!

This week was crazy, exciting, and I feel somewhat relieved it’s the weekend despite all the homework I have to look forward to.

But since it’s Friday and all, I though I would share some things that are making me smile this week. Hopefully they get you to smile too!

  1. Dry Shampoo


Working out in the morning doesn’t really leave me much time to wash my hair in the morning and with sweating it out while walking to class all day, who wants to wash their hair anyways? Not me. Now, I know this is not the healthiest of products to be using but a girl can only pay so much for hair products…

2. Birkenstocks


I have been wearing these guys for 2 years now and they still leave my feet feeling super happy as I walk all over campus. They kind of stink now but that’s okay 🙂

3. Moving Back Home


As much as I will miss my roommate Cassie and our roomie nights, moving back home is the best decision for me right now financially. I love my family to a ridiculous degree so getting to spend some extra time with them is making me feel like I’m in high school again (a good and bad thing)!

4. Noah’s new tattoo


Oh my gosh. Now Noah AND Danica have tats. I’m the odd girl out. But who knows? Maybe I will get one…

Ah, who am I kidding? Kim K puts it best:


5. This Icon Barrett made me


I thought I lost this thing! Luckily my mom found it in her office from last semester. I love my talented iconographer.

6. Coffee


This needs no explanation. It’s been the only thing helping me survive this first week!

Have a great weekend! Eat something yummy! …preferably covered in chocolate.