Weekend Recap

Good morning and Happy Monday!

Breakfast this morning was Advogreens, kale, coffee, and a spoonful of PB

I know it has been a while since I last posted anything and my only excuse is that life has been extra busy lately. But isn’t everyone extra busy?

I don’t manage stress very well and last week felt like all the stressful things were just really weighing down on me. Luckily it was also filled with things to helped me de-stress. Things like Crossfit, coffee, a run with my mom, some time with Jesus, and lots of tears really help me calm down. I think a lot of the time we think we need to get EVERYTHING done all at once and we forget to take some time for ourselves.

We should not feel guilty for needing to be alone or finding solace in a cup of coffee.

Alright, now that I have overwhelmed you with my emotional mess, lets talk about food and this past weekend!

Friday started off bright and early, I was running on 3 hours of sleep when I pulled into the Crossfit parking lot at 5:20. I sat there for 5 minutes before deciding I just wasn’t feeling it. I had a test I needed to take that morning and I was just SOO TIRED. I think a couple of years ago I would have just pushed through that workout. Luckily, I know the importance of sleep now.

I went to let the dogs I was watching out to go to the bathroom before I headed back home to study.


I was feeling really nauseous about this test (and I think from lack of sleep) and all I could think to eat for breakfast was a potato. I steamed a sweet potato and topped it with sprouted granola and almond butter. I took a couple bites and immediately felt worse. I was sad I couldn’t eat this because it’s one of my favorites, but I was too anxious about this test!

2 hours later my test was complete, thank goodness. I knew there was no point in looking presentable for work, since I already looked so tired, so I skipped the whole makeup thing and went to work.

I always feel like my skin is saying “Thank you for letting me breathe” when I don’t wear makeup.

A couple of hours later, my mom and I met up at Home Cafe for my favorite lunch. I was feeling much better at this point and I was starving!


How cute is she?

I got the usual cobb salad with kettle chips and she got the special tacos of the day. We then split a heavenly snickerdoodle cake…and by split I mean my mom ate 1/4 and I ate 3/4. I wasn’t mad about it.

I went straight to my parents house after that, because I swear they have the best couch to sleep on, and promptly passed out for about 30 minutes and then the storms rolled in. I don’t know about you all, but I am loving these summer storms. I hate the humidity, but there is something so relaxing about a thunderstorm.

I went to do some errands with my mom and then it was roomie night with Cassie!


This was my dinner from Wednesday night, but I ate leftovers on Friday. This vegetable soup was amazing!

After staying up way too late again, I woke up at 6 to meet my mom for a run/walk.

The weather was hot and sticky but at least I came home to this:


I showered up and headed to the farmers market:


That almond butter was like $14 but no shame because it legit tastes like a blueberry muffin and who doesn’t love muffins? Sad people, that’s who.

I drank A LOT of coffee on Saturday in preparation for babysitting that night.


I think that was like my 5th cup above. Oh well.

I babysat from 6:30 — 12:30 that night. I didn’t get a snap of the dinner I packed but here’s what I ate last Tuesday when I babysat:


A big ol’ salad.

Barrett came over for about an hour because the girl I was watching LOVES him. As do most kids. And I discovered he is like a master watercolorer:


He’s one of those people who is good at literally everything. Here’s my water color for comparison:


This wasn’t the finished product either. It’s supposed to be Barrett and Me (incase you couldn’t tell, I mean I almost forgot what it was too it’s so pitiful. Hah!)

Sunday I slept in until 9 and booked it to church.

I also got to casually sit in the backseat while Danica did her FIRST DRIVING LESSON EVER. Big mistake, I left feeling super nauseous.


I hung out with my parents for a little while, because in case you couldn’t tell I love spending time with them, then Barrett picked me up so we could go to a birthday party.

Barrett and I left around 9 so I could get home and we had a nice long talk about life. There are so many new and exciting things happening for him right now and it’s been kind of hard for me to keep up. Sometimes its hard when we are at two different stages in our life. I mean I have about 2.5 years left in college and he’s done with school and looking for an adult job. It’s crazy.

I know this sounds silly but just pray for him because life is scary and exciting and crazy and I think we could all use a little extra prayers in our lives.

I finally crashed into bed at 11 and was up bright and early at 4:45 for Crossfit this morning. I’ve got to babysit again tonight but I am hoping to be in bed at 8 to hopefully catch up on a week of not-so-good sleep.

I hope you all had great weekends! Thanks for reading!