What I ate Yesterday

Whoa, two posts in one week? Yes, its true. I finally have time to breathe this week and I am very excited about that. Today I am featuring everything I ate yesterday and looking back, I would definitely eat it all again.



2 farm fresh eggs cooked in unsalted Kerrygold butter, basil and oregano, leftover roasted potatoes Barrett made me for dinner last night, roughly 2 cups of spinach wilted down, and 2 mini sprouted toasts with AB.



More potatoes since I am going out of town and didn’t want them to go to waste, carrots, brown rice cakes, amazingggg hummus, and berries.

Simple and filling! I dipped the potatoes in the hummus, do it.

Snack: a couple handfuls of homemade trail mix while I drove through a hurricane to get to Louisville. I will post this trail mix soon because its a good one! …and theres chocolate in it.



Once Danica and I made it to Louisville we bee-lined to the Whole Foods hot bar. (But really, I convinced her to go here with me earlier in the day)

Can you tell who’s dinner is who’s? Hah! I went into a comatose after all those veggies.

Yes, those are rolls the size of our faces. Yes, we did eat all of it.

Yay carbs!



Sweet little walk with my cousin and sister!


I connived my Aunt that in order for me to properly watch her kids I would need to know how to use her cappuccino/espresso maker. So, in order for her to show me how to use it she would obviously just have to make me a cappuccino.

No picture because I was too busy admiring how delicious it was.


I am currently enjoying this breakfast bar with a pot of coffee before the kids wake up and our day of adventures begins!

Have a  super great day!!