It’s been a while…

I hope you all had a wonderful fourth of July! I know it’s been a while since I have posted on here but last week was finals week for my Chemistry class so I focused 100% of my energy on that.

And guess what… I passed! Trust me, I am not one to brag about grades but this was truly a miracle that I landed an A in this class.

Brace yourself, this is going to be a long post.

Let’s back up to last Wednesday. My food supply was pretty low at my house since I knew I wouldn’t have time to grocery shop. Luckily I had some random things to make myself a quick lunch. I love lunches that are really just a bunch of snacks.

Carrots and THE BEST hummus from Aldi, berries, and a coconut water that I threw out after a couple sips. I have to stop buying this stuff because I always say I’m going to like it and then I hate it.


I also got to treat this sweet girl to some iced coffees at Starbucks. She’s so cute.


Wednesday night I packed up some things and headed to my parents house to eat their food. (AKA my roommate was out of town and I was too scared to be at my house alone at night) 3 FARM FRESH eggs with bell pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, and 2 slices of bread with jam and butter. Jam and butter reminds of me of my childhood. I hadn’t had this combo in forever (Yay for no longer having “fear foods” with an eating disorder!!) and it was sooooo good.


I got out of class early on Thursday so I booked it over to HOME cafe to treat myself to their cobb salad (and unpictured kettle chips) before I headed into work at noon. I asked for no cheese and balsamic on the side. This salad beats all other salads.


Thursday night I steamed some sweet potato chunks, sautéed some broccoli, tomatoes, and mushrooms to eat with some eggs while I studied my brains out. If you haven’t tried sweet potatoes dipped dunked into BBQ sauce, I suggest you do it.

Friday morning was my Chemistry final and I was beyond nervous. Like I couldn’t eat breakfast I was so nervous, and you know there’s a problem if I can’t eat.

After my final, I waited for this sweet guy to finish up his final. We were both so relieved to have these summer courses done so we headed back to HOME cafe, and I got my favorite salad. Two days in a row, no shame and he got a beer at 11 in the morning, no shame for him either.

P.S. WE BOTH TOTALLY PASSED OUR CLASSES. I am beyond proud of that guy up there. This was his last course in getting a Chemistry minor. Now this smarty pants is all grown up and moving into adult life.


Saturday morning I woke up early to get in a nice, long bike ride. I rode over to meet my parents, who were also biking, so we could eat at Panera. Saturday mornings could not get any more perfect. We finished up biking and headed to the Farmers Market for a little bit. Basically it was the happiest of mornings.


Later in the day Barrett and I went to a wedding in Somerset, KY. All I have to show for it is our pretty pitiful wrapping skills. Oh well.

Sunday morning was spent with my wonderful family. My dad made torpedoes (bacon wrapped with steak) and I made my first ever batch of Kombucha. Thank you Debbie for the baby scoby!!!! We’ll see how it turns out in 10 days. Fingers crossed.


Monday morning Barrett and I headed down to Nashville to hike the Pinnacle Trail by Hamilton Creek. It was so much fun! We really haven’t gotten to see each other and hangout with both of our summer classes going on, so this was a much needed date day. I sure do love him. This trail was really made for mountain bikers, so it was nice listening to Barrett while he got excited about biking here when he moves down here in a couple weeks. He’s a cool dude.

We were starving when we finished so to Sunflower Cafe we went!


Local kombucha, all the veg, vegan cornbread, and vegan cookie dough parfaits. Words cannot describe how good their food is!!


After we ate, we headed home but not before a detour at Bright’s Antique World. This place was so cool. Barrett has been plenty of times but I had never been so he decided to take me and I wanted to buy all the antique aprons and tea cups. Sadly, I’m just a poor college student so I left empty-handed. (Maybe he will go back and get me something…… 😉 )

I came home and changed real quick to head to the Hot Rods game because my church was volunteering in the concession stand.  I was there from 4:30-10:30, running on 3 hours of sleep, and hadn’t eaten dinner yet. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper and it showed when some guy was ticked he had been waiting for a corn dog for 10 minutes. Don’t worry, I kindly let him know that he could either complain and eat an undercooked corn dog and die or wait a couple more seconds. He looked kind of shocked I was so blunt, but he was a jerk. (Okay, rant over)

I came home, showered off the smell of funnel cake, and crashed into bed. No way was Crossfit happening this morning, so it will have to wait until tomorrow!

As always, thanks for reading. I hope you all had a great weekend!