Thursday Things

This week is kicking my butt. Literally and figuratively.

Tiny green smoothie, sprouted english muffin with Toffutti cream cheese, and lots o’ coffee. 

Literally in that my booty is still sore from Monday and Tuesday’s deadlifts at Crossfit.

And figuratively in that I have a Chemistry test tomorrow and I am getting a wee bit stressed out about that.

Other than sore legs and a sore brain, this week has been pretty great so far!


Legit the juiciest pear ever. There was a huge puddle of juice by the time I was done. This was eaten to drown my sorrows in Chem class

Also, I am sure Barrett thinks I am totally weird…but what’s new?


Monday I met the sweetest friend (Hi Leah!) at Keriakas to get our walk on. This girl seriously knows how to brighten anyone’s day! It was so fun to get caught up on life.

After our walk, I raced back home just in time to turn on The Bachelorette at 6:58 pm. Judge me all you want, but we all need a little trashy TV sometimes to relax.

Alaskan Salmon salad with an awesome dressing I found at Aldi!

Tuesday evening I went to volunteer at The Center for Courageous Kids in the dining hall. And let me tell you, my heart was full. It makes me so happy to see places like CCK doing amazing things for these kids. I also got to see some high school friends I hadn’t seen in a while (Hi Sunny! Hi Caroline!)

On the way to CCK it was basically a hurricane outside but I was tired and hungry so I ran through the Starbucks drive-thru for a spinach egg wrap and a large black coffee. I rolled up to the window and they handed me a small hot chocolate. I was like ummm, what?! But I was running behind so I left without a coffee or an egg wrap. Needless to say I was STARVING by the time 8 rolled around when I left CCK.

Luckily I was heading to my parents house after and I have a mom who loves me. She made me vegetable pasta. Gotta love moms. (Un-pictured: all the bread I inhaled)



Wednesday I was running a little late for work and didn’t have time to pack a gourmet meal for lunch. So, I threw a bunch of stuff in my lunch box and walked out the door in under 2 minutes. Healthy eating doesn’t need to be difficult folks.


Chopped up apple in an almost empty PB jar, pure happiness.

Wednesday was also dedicated to Chemistry. Lots of homework and studying going on. But don’t worry, I took a break to go grocery shopping and watch a couple episode of The Vampire Diaries, because #priorities. Know what I’m sayin’?

P.S. Has anyone else been to Aldi lately?!? That had so many healthy, organic options. I got a card load of produce and organic PB for like $50. Win!

Now its Thursday and I’m slowly pulling out my hair while trying to study for this Chem test. But I promised you all a blog on Thursday so I had to stick to my word! …Who am I kidding. I welcome any distraction from trying to find how many moles are in 25 g of KNO.

Trusty oats with a side of grandma slippers

I hope you all have a great weekend! I’ll be off to Louisville to see my cutest cousins!