Life Lately

I feel like I haven’t been on my blog in like a year. But, it’s been like a week. Im not over-dramatic?

Things have been pretty crazy with finals and all. Lots of tears have been shed, there’s been more coffee than water, and I don’t think I have slept more than a couple hours each night.


Shoutout to Barrett for dealing with my craziness/moodiness. He’s a trooper.

My eating has been pretty crazy these last couple days. It’s been lots of “whateverIcanfindquickly” kind of meals. So, I will just post a bunch of pictures for you of what I have been eating lately.



Lot’s of fruit has been consumed because it is quick, easy, and healthy. P.S. How cute is it that my mom brought my some fruit with chia seeds? SO CUTE.


Lot’s of coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.


One night I made my roommate Cassie and I a chicken salad bar. SO GOOD. ❤


Veggie smoothies with my love at Smoothie King.


My dad and I made a mother’s day meal for the best mom around.


More coffee and perhaps one of the best bagel sandwiches ever from Spencer’s Coffee.


Burrito date with my Burrito (Cheesy I know, but I call him burrito sometimes!!)


And this is not food, but Fed gave me some kisses after I did horrible on a final. ❤


I’ll post more in the future when school is not literally killing me!